13 three points to win! Double MVP, 31 penalty to fight against the green army February 13, 2020

February 13, 2020, in an NBA regular season just concluded yesterday. The Rockets host the Celtic challenge. In fact, this game is very important for the Rockets. Before the All-Star game, there is only one game left. Besides, Celtic is also a powerful player in the East, ranking third in the East, with very strong strength, especially in defense, so this game is a very big challenge for the Rockets. In the game, the Rockets also held the victory at home. Under the guidance of two MVPs, harden and weishao, the Rockets beat Celtic 11 points by 116-105 at home. The team ended two consecutive defeats. Harden and weishao looked at the data of 78 points, 18 rebounds and 12 assists in the game. It can be said that the two players finally found the initial state of the team, not only like So, in this game, Hardon and weishao directly hit Celtic with free throws. Hardon’s free throws were 18-17, while weishao’s 13-10, and two of them were 31-27. They scored 27 points with free throws alone!

In fact, in the first quarter, Hardon was not in shape, and weishao was also caught by the opponent’s bag, so the Rockets played very hard on the court. If it wasn’t for Covington and other players to hit three points on the outside, the Rockets would not lead in the first quarter. Then in the second quarter, Celtic ushered in a big explosion on the court, and continued to be right on the court Hand bag, and Hardon is playing worse and worse on the court. Although the opponent didn’t deliberately bag Hardon, it’s obvious that Hardon is difficult to lead the team alone on the court, especially without Wei Shao tearing the opponent’s defense line. But in the third quarter, HA and other players finally found the status, Wei Shao attracted the opponent’s bag on the court, and Celtic chose to put it at this time Empty harden, harden at this time finally stood out, constantly hit three points, and on the court is also constantly making opponent’s foul! It can be said that in the third quarter, Hardon was completely mad. He not only hit three points back step, but also suffered a three-point foul. In the third quarter, Hardon scored 19 points alone, and Wei Shao also scored eight points!

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