October 9, 2020

130 points 130 points, the difference is 78 points, 89 points. How bad is the Laker team? I don’t think it’s too bad. I don’t think it’s too bad. It’s bad enough to play its own points. Today, it’s Lida’s super level play. This is how to use its own defense strategy. No, it’s no use. He’s supernatural today.

Lillard’s super spirit is basically uncontrollable. In 1516, I vaguely remember that there were ten pairs of warriors who won 73-10 in the 1516 season. In this season, Lillard exploded three points and lost 43. It’s all right. When 20 moves, it’s a super high level, and it’s also a 50 plus score.

I remember that’s right. But this team, ah, it’s Lillard’s kind of super level play. If it’s only 50 plus, you’re basically expensive. There’s no room for bargaining. But I didn’t say, but I didn’t say, but this team is the Laker team. This team, to sign well, is not good, three-point ball, ability, in the strong team is not considered weak, poor, it is in the league in the middle of what level, the west, eight East, eight you ranked 15th, that is, the playoffs countdown.

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