October 12, 2020

The Suns reversed, ah, but there was a game in which it was very hard to play. Double overtime was the normal time to make a tie. Overtime time, the first overtime time to score the winning goal, ah, the whistle smashed to the suns.

Although the Lakers lost the series. I despise losing, but it’s Kobe’s brilliant performance. It’s a turning point in his life. Over the years, come on, in 2008, there are already Gasol’s Lakers. Ah, one by one looting deal with the Grizzlies, and everyone and his family are trading for the Lakers. The Celtic team in the east also formed three giants. That year, ah, there were a lot of events. The so-called Wild West, that is to say, you can observe and observe the relationship.

The 48 win Nuggets didn’t make it to the playoffs. Now, it’s unimaginable, ah, whether it’s the Nuggets or not. I’ve forgotten a little bit. For example, there’s a difference between the top two in the west, only the camera name and the eighth place. The team with the eighth place and the ninth place is 48-52-56, but the team has not made it to the playoffs. Ah, the competition in the west is very fierce. Kobe and Paul were in the same year.

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