Amik engineer’s dedication: details determine success or failure! Nine major maintenance steps of ironing clothing May 11, 2020

After you buy a painting T-shirt you like, it must be maintained to wear it for a long time, so that she can really become a personalized and durable clothing. Here are some ways to maintain the painting T-shirt:

  1. The T-shirt will be a little hard after being pressed, and it will become softer after washing. (generally, new t-shirts need to be washed in 2 days. )
  2. Do not rub the surface of T-shirt (hot stamping) pattern by hand (the surface material of the hot stamping pattern will not adhere to dirt).
  3. Do not wash with detergent containing bleaching agent. . wash with warm or cold water below 40 ° C.
  4. It is better not to use the washing machine to wash. When using the washing machine to wash, turn the side of the pattern to the opposite side before washing. After washing, take it out of the washing machine immediately. Do not use the dryer to dry it.
  5. Do not wash the neckline too hard to avoid deformation.
  6. When drying, the clothes hanger can only be stretched in from the loose part of the bottom of the clothes, and can not be forced into the part of the neckline directly, so as to avoid the slack after the neckline loses its elasticity.
  7. Dry it naturally. Don’t expose the T-shirt in the sun.
  8. If the clothes need to be ironed, the clothes can be ironed with medium temperature steam after drying (the clothes containing elastic fiber can not be ironed at high temperature to avoid damaging the organizational structure of elastic fiber and affecting the elastic effect of the clothes). Do not iron directly on the patterns.
  9. After ironing, don’t stuff the clothes into the narrow space. Hang or spread them on a hanger to keep the clothes flat.
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