As a result, Davis took a look at Hardon as soon as he got in October 8, 2020

According to the reason, Davis should go up to make up for defense. As a result, Davis took a look at harden as soon as he killed him. The one at the top of his weak side should be coventon. Then he took another look at Gordon in the bottom corner, and then he took another look. After that, LAN Xia realized that he was attacked by Haden. In fact, they had already left him behind.

So it should be actually wrong. When Davis looks back, there is no way out. Therefore, we must return to the theme of today’s game. There is no playoff level defense in defense. James can’t win the game any more points. The small lineup plays, and the defense of the Lakers in the third quarter.

The intensity has been improved obviously, the assistant defense has been rotated, the supplementary defense has been in time. The Rockets can’t just throw themselves into the basket like they did in the first half. They can only survive by three points on the outside line. The Rockets, who scored 64 points in the first half, scored only 18 points, including 12 points from the source.

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