Because the Clippers are on the team now December 3, 2020


On Sunday, let’s talk about the Clippers. Yesterday, we said in the group that the Clippers need to be quick. Take it. Rondo has more money to solve the interior center problem than to solve the point guard problem, but the clippers have no active operation. I succeeded in winning Rondo. In fact, Rondo is very easy to use.

With Paul georgepe and Leonard, it’s a perfect match. Because the Clippers are on the team now, his lineup is really wonderful. The poor lineup de and Paul George are excellent enough. The attack ability or attack choice of other players is wrong.

It can be said that there is no leader. There is no volleyball team. There is no blank ambassador in the middle of the court. Every team depends on Paul George to measure it. It’s hard for them to play singles when they go to singles.

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