Bluebird, 80 million in four years, bound for South Korea’s strong investment, Liu Xian, to travel east to Toronto in the new season December 28, 2019

On December 23, Beijing time, South Korean left investment Liu Xianzhen and Toronto Bluebird today reached a four-year contract worth 80 million US dollars. He joined the United States because he did not have to worry about the strike system.

Before signing a free agent contract with Bluebird, Liu Xianzhen went to MLB from South Korea through the entry system, after seven seasons in Los Angeles dodge. Liu Xianzhen couldn’t keep healthy for seven years in Los Angeles because of his shoulder injury, but he still started 126 games and got 54-33 with a beautiful 2.98 self blame score.

In 2018 season, serious groin injury caused the South Korean strong pitcher to miss 15 weeks of the game. Liu Xianzhen’s personal data is also excellent. The self blame score of 1.97 is a perfect 7-3 result, which also gives dodge hope.

In the off-season of 2018, Liu Xianzhen accepted the qualified offer from Los Angeles dodge and handed over 14-5 excellent results and the best 2.32 self blame score of the League of nations in that season. He sent 163 strikeouts in 182 innings and only gave the hitter 24 walks. At the same time, he made at least seven starts in 15 of them and scored no more than three points. Such an excellent performance also made him an all star for the first time in his career.

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