Brand confidence May 11, 2020

The controversy of brainwashing advertisement naturally lies in the vulgarity of aesthetics, but the repeated appearance of vulgarity advertisement also reflects a sad conclusion that China is a vast country with different aesthetic standards, and most of the target users of the brand will not pay for aesthetics or creativity.

Those who are preferred have no fear. Many people watch vulgar advertisements and say they want to uninstall and pull black. But when they really enter the use scene, they will reinstall it. This is the universal “true fragrance law”.

Brand preference evaluation plays a more important role in the mature market and standard products. Because the user’s brand switching cost is not high, and they don’t like coca cola, you can choose Pepsi Cola.

However, rough advertising brand owners often have unique product advantages, or are in a stage of preemptive positioning, and the maturity of the industry market is not high, so there is reason to overdraw brand goodwill in order to preempt the market.

In addition, we really don’t think that brainwashing advertisement is easy to make. According to our observation, the content creation of brainwashing advertisement needs certain foundation and relevant methodology as support. Not everyone can make brainwashing advertisement to ignite topic discussion.

Imagine, if you were in charge of brand marketing of Hengyuanxiang, could you come up with something like “twelve zodiac ads”? (it’s hard to think about, though it looks silly.)

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