Brenson Buckner will return to the Cardinals as a defensive forward coach February 8, 2020

The raider’s defensive front has improved significantly under brenson Buckner’s guidance, but he won’t start the season with the team in Las Vegas.

Buckner returned to his former club, the Arizona Cardinals, where he coached from 2013 to 2017. He will also continue his old career at the Cardinals: defending the frontline coach.

The Cardinals hired four new coaches today, including offensive quality manager Jim dray, assistant strength and figure coach mark Naylor, and secret service assistant coach derius Swinton. Charlie Bullen was promoted as an outside guard coach, don shumpert as an assistant attack coach, and Spencer Whipple as an assistant outside take over coach.

Buckner has worked in the NFL for 12 years and has worked in four teams. In 2018, only 13 times of capture and killing were completed, and the top ranked Raiders completed 32 times of capture and killing last season. However, the Raiders chose not to keep Buckner, who announced on Wednesday that rod Marinelli would be the team’s defensive frontline coach.

The Cardinals finished 40 games last season, tied for 17th in the league, but 19 of them came from the superstar Chandler Jones.

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