Carmelo Anthony was called September 22, 2020

I just saw it at three o’clock in the morning, and I revealed that the bulls were going to lay off Carmelo. Anthony couldn’t find me not to play. It was just at this time that Carmelo Anthony was called. In fact, Anthony didn’t even play in the last ten games and eight games. That’s too much to do with it. If you want money, you’ll sign it. If you don’t, you’ll never sign it. Because Carmelo Anthony’s contract is rubbish contract. Basically, there’s no club. At most, it’s just to take it back and sell jerseys. That’s what it means. Now, it’s still because of other things. Do you need this contract, Carmelo Anthony? What kind of contract is about three-party transactions among some teams, ah, to fill in the difficulties and problems in the contract, and to install some contracts to supplement and fill in the gaps.

Almost, that’s what it means. So now it seems that there is no team and the bulls in contact with this matter. Ah, then we can dismantle it smoothly and don’t wait any longer. How come the second message is about Anthony, ah, after the media broke out, there was still one. Maybe it is basically certain to reach a contract extension with the Lakers. This time, we will elaborate our personal views. Ah, in fact, we have said before that whether Carmelo Anthony will come to the Los Angeles team. We all said in our previous programs that we just forgot when to say it. You have to go over it.

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