In China, we were very impressed and played a very good pioneer November 27, 2020

What’s on the left? That’s to change Covington to this team immediately. In my opinion, the Blazers, but the biggest winner of all the deals we’re talking about today, basically the upgrade from Ariza to Covington is a comprehensive upgrade, and this bubble.

In the middle let us very impressive, play a very good pioneer, but even Ajiao didn’t go, but next season is basically with an upgraded version of Ariza, defense is more strengthened, hard shooting is more likely to play more positions and younger, which is basically in July this year.

On the basis of the trailblazers, a new level has been added. My God, now it seems that under the price of NBA today, it’s totally worthy of it. It’s true that the arrival of coventon really makes it possible for Alto to move to a higher level. After this transaction, the Blazers will be the top four in the west next season.

Later on, the Blazers won. Basically, they relied on the super firepower of two guns in the back court. But as I said in the previous program, the defense of the pioneers is to attack, guide, defend, and stab. Therefore, their victory is often in the same direction as ours.

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If his main purpose now is to save the cost of his salary November 26, 2020

If his main purpose now is to save the cost of his salary, his exchange, for two teams, can eat some long-term junk contracts, but the total value can not be higher than the annual salary of godala, and the salary is the same for the other party of the transaction.

Igordala, whose salary is due to rebuild the team, is actually the money of two garbage teams. In summary, the fans of these champion teams, the Laker fans, the Rockets fans, the Clippers fans, the 76ers fans and so on, must be unusual if they want to wait for an answer.

They are very patient, very patient and patient enough. These fans are looking forward to one. Dalla can have a healthy and complete season in the first half of the season. Before February 1, finding a good deal is the first. I can even say the Grizzlies in the new season. More than 90% of them may let igordala be the main starter, so whether the fact is the same as we expected, we will wait and see.

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For thunder, what he wants most is the first round draft November 21, 2020

Oh, for instance, the most important deal that Paul got from oklahore in 2022 is the order in which ray Nuo got his first round.

It’s not because the Bucks didn’t get Chris Paul that they retreated for the second place and chose horady. They’ve returned a lot of them. But you see, thunder’s chips may not be better than the Bucks’ chips. That’s right. In fact, this makes me very confused.

Because for thunder, what he wants most is the first round draft right, right? Chris Paul, only gave him one first round draft right, but he did bring three first round to the skin, plus the exchange right of two first round in the future, which is equivalent to four first round, so it is worth to four.

In fact, if the thunder can get a similar offer, I think the thunder will want it. It can only be said that the letter brother doesn’t like Paul. I think your speculation may not hold water, regardless of whether the letter brother likes Paul or not. I think that the suns and the Suns fans this next season will definitely want aspault Booker to enter.

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If the two towers are going to win the team

In this section, Howard played the whole fourth quarter. I saw that he didn’t go down, and at the last moment, he repeatedly cut and protected the basket, twice rebounded and twice attacked, right? Give the Laker a life. If you lose, you lose in the Spurs and don’t beat the Lakers.

Yes, if the two towers are going to win the team, you have to make a change yourself first. Under the circumstances, the team is one big and four small. This is the correct understanding. It is not to say that the team wants to change from one big to four small. We repeat this point. We are in three programs. If you don’t have this understanding, you just don’t understand the ball of the Los Angeles team. His ability to protect the inside line by the twin towers is very urgent. At the beginning of the season, after playing one or two games, we said that the Lakers protect those eight or nine blocks per game. He is the blocking King team in the league.

Ah, how to protect the forbidden area? How can Nini’s outside players break through the inside to cause the other side’s complexity? The hinterland causes this, this, this kill, or simply easy layup. You don’t have this chance. If you want to beat the Lakers, you can go to Xiaoguo, but you need to have the ability of accurate shooting from the peripheral.

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This hammer and hammer will drop the inside of the bottle November 20, 2020

It’s not an attack. On the one hand, archers need to reach the all star level. You can’t beat the 35 million all star level data and performance. You’re not worthy of such a big salary, right? So young.

OK, these two games, let’s go over it. Let’s talk about an article we saw today, I saw an article on NBA dot com at 3:30 p.m., and what I just saw was a report about Owen. Yesterday, we did a program about Owen, right? We think we are constantly foresight, right? We still have forward-looking, right? You see.

Now we can start to discuss Owen, right? We focused on Owen yesterday. These reports will come out today. I believe that many media websites will discuss this question. He wrote this, citing a physical experiment, Schrodinger’s cat, studying physics or engineering, basically. We should all know that, if we don’t know it very well, he has heard and heard that a cat is locked in a box. There is a radioactive element in the box. There is a radioactive element decay in the box. A detection machine detects the decay of the radioactive gingko element, and it will move. This hammer and hammer will drop the inside of the bottle.

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Then it is his comprehensive ability that tests his comprehensiveness November 19, 2020

However, the opponent, um, Peter, is not too bad, because after all, the NB with high arm length has to be against Gerber. So, first of all, part of Peter’s weapons will be lost. Then it is his comprehensive ability that tests his comprehensiveness, so it is better to have a look at this competition last year. Yes, from the Raptors.

Last year, when Zhejiang University Raptors played against Xiaojia, this fully reflected the influence of tonnage on UM Peter. Well, Peter also said that he didn’t want to be used to shooting outside. In other words, he still liked to play inside as a pure center forward. I’m more suitable for him. If he goes to the first place to play gebel, then I don’t think it will occupy too much. For those Western teams, the Los Angeles team, gambling is not much to say.

Ah, the double tower combination is a great test. There is also Tyson Chandler over there. Buddha is extremely well prepared, waiting to give, and use, ah, to reach the finals, just wait for seven people to use, right? In addition to that clippers may be a muddle in the interior, if the other two teams make it to the finals, it must be a great test of their own and human right, and a great test of enbid,

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These three teams can do this without following the routine November 14, 2020

Until now, because he has Paul, because he has Hadden, now because he has power, so he can play at will. And Capella is very suitable for the cooperation with harden, very suitable for the cooperation with Paul. So, I don’t know whether it is with nuclear deterrence or not, because I haven’t seen the game, but I believe it should be ok if you want to drink it. Ka, Bella and he can play at such a level.

Well, these three teams can do this without following the routine, right? As we said before, the warriors made a wrong demonstration for the league, and all teams imitated the warriors, which is actually wrong because of this sentence.

Yes, death, five little only warriors can play, only warriors have this condition, play only, she is so big to be able to win the championship, then other teams you go to follow, he is wrong, all are failures, now all have to change, then the same is true of the three teams of the Lakers XX and Clippers, they have no problem how to play.

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Which are very obvious and very clear that it is a plum November 13, 2020

His projection on the court is not controlled by you, unless you, look for the truth, double team, right, but there is no need for lifelong benefit, right? For Williams of the first route, you’re double packed super star treatment, right? This player is him. The winning or losing, or the percentage of hits, depends on. He throws it by himself and is not affected by you. How to restrain it, he is to fight him down.

Don’t let him have too much time on the field. You have won, right? For the above, who is against , in order not to hit him at will, is very simple ah, such a simple truth. You don’t understand. Well, at the end of the day, we have to say, ah, right? No matter the winning or losing of the above should not be the match of the playoffs. Yes, it is only possible to play in the finals.

So don’t worry too much about a game, but you should see your own problems. It has specific problems, which are very obvious and very clear that it is a plum. The team of my soul, ah, needs someone to be able to pick up even Owen’s flag, even little Thomas’s flag, and you can find the main attack point in Celtic no matter how bad it is, right, Jay Brown Tatum.

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They can play in every position November 12, 2020

Some time ago, I still saw it two days ago. It was reported that many games and 5678 games of the Laker team were dug and filled. It is true to play these games because there are not many shooters in the Laker team, and the shooters are not steady. Of course, it is possible in the end. What can be used, or can be sent, used, that is, two or three teams are actually the same.

There are not many teams that have a bunch of shooters. They can play in every position. No, there are only two that can be used in the end. As long as you can identify these two, he will definitely play in the playoffs. These two are enough. Ah, last year’s playoff Raptors are the same, Jordan van Jordan is also one, and the other big three books are also very documentary. I rely on their two other players. Some of them are not. Some of them are not. Sometimes they are not. Right, green is the same. So is the same with the Lakers.

They are three points weak. so we all rely on two points to play, right? In the end, we all rely on defense to restrict the opponent from scoring. Then if I play with two points and two points or I have three points and three points, each one of them can be chased slowly. But on the whole, we can see that this team is nothing at present.

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There has been a significant increase in the road November 11, 2020

Now, he has a weak technical ability in the small-sized NBA, or he has a weak technical ability. Once these players and dimensions are increased, then there will be a place or capital to earn money at that time, including the Mavericks’ bolzingis, whose tears rose in New York than in New York. There has been a significant increase in the road, ah, this, all changes in body shape.

Speaking of the Mavericks, I would strongly recommend bolzingis to play position 5. Such a tall figure and such a large dimension can also increase strength and girth, even if it loses a little flexibility, but it has height.

There is a high distance, super ability does not suffer a loss to play to 4, is really, too for the Mavericks a little sorry for the nature of the tyranny is a little wasteful of this feeling, whether the Mavericks need, ah, before the imitation of Nuo, weskie, please polzingis as.

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