Audience expectation and recognition of oil painting April 1, 2020

Beloved Van Gogh is a movie born of love. Its director, dolota kobela, is a veteran Van Gogh fan. The reason why she insisted on painting by hand for seven years was that she wanted to express a kind of homage and tell Van Gogh’s story with Van Gogh’s paintings. It is dolota kobela’s reverence for Van Gogh. In the film, she highly restores the types of pigments, specific color numbers and other painting arts used by Van Gogh, thus bringing an irresistible sense of reality to the audience. Van Gogh’s life is short and miserable. The audience is not only interested in Van Gogh’s oil paintings, but also more curious about his legends. From the perspective of public expectation, it is difficult for a static and serious Van Gogh exhibition or biography to get enough information. Moreover, Van Gogh’s letters and paintings exhibition is not easy for audiences in different parts of the world to get in touch with each other.

With the passage of time, Van Gogh’s oil painting art value is rising, at the same time, its legend is also being constantly interpreted. For Van Gogh fans, it is an urgent expectation to approach Van Gogh and understand his heart. The movie “beloved Van Gogh” can meet the audience’s expectations. The film tells the story of Van Gogh’s wandering life. Starting with his suicide, it not only depicts his life, but also leaves his unusual visual record of wandering life and the process of creating those great works. Not only that, Van Gogh’s death is to give the audience a variety of conjectures and enlightenment, so that many struggling in the edge of art painting creators feel the same, truly feel Van Gogh’s loneliness and helplessness. Compared with oil painting, film is a combination of picture, narration and movement. It can activate people’s memory and imagination by cross field, boundary removal and visual narration, and produce a perceptual mode of presence and effect on sensory impact.

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Even comics can’t make up baseball games like this, which happens in reality

In many baseball works, we can hear a word, that is “Jiazi Park”, the Holy Land in the minds of high school baseball teenagers. The reason why it becomes holy land is that it holds the final of Japanese high school baseball championship every summer, which represents the highest honor competition of high school students’ baseball.

Before entering the Jiaziyuan game, about 4000 colleges and universities all over Japan will be divided into 50 competition areas according to the administrative region to compete, and the only final team representing the competition area will be determined through the single elimination competition system, so it becomes the dream of each high school baseball team member to enter the Jiaziyuan together with the team. The climax of baseball heroes, which is relatively familiar to domestic anime fans, depicts a fatalistic duel. In fact, it’s just a contest for the champion in the “East Tokyo” competition area (Tokyo has two places because there are too many schools), rather than a contest at the Jiaziyuan stadium.

Just in the past August 12, there was a wonderful baseball game that was enough to be made into a movie and was destined to be repeatedly mentioned. The two sides of the game were not big stars, but a group of Japanese high school students. The plot of the game is as follows: in the case of 6 points behind, 8 points in the second half of the 8 innings are against the opponent’s 2 points, but in the first half of the 9 innings, the opponent is even again, extending the game to 12 innings without winning. In the first half of the 13th inning, the opponent took the lead by 2 points again, but in the second half of the 13th inning, the opponent won the final victory with a full base home run.

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Problems and improvement measures in the education of art theory in University March 31, 2020

  1. Improve students’ professional quality of Fine Arts

Art skill is the result of important time content in art major, but the practice also needs the theoretical basis, and the educational practice of art theory is also indispensable. In many ancient famous paintings, the reason why we can’t understand the mood of ancient painters is that we don’t understand the connotation of art through theoretical learning, so we can only learn the ancient painting skills through observation. On the other hand, art learning is a process of combining theory with practice, and the results of evaluation from different perspectives are also very different for the same art work. If you want to get a high level of art evaluation in all aspects, you should combine theory with practice, and gradually strengthen the understanding of art theory by better mastering art theory knowledge Understanding of the connotation of art.

  1. Cultivate students’ innovation ability

For art, if we just imitate it blindly, then art can no longer be called art. For art, it is a kind of innovation and improvisation. For colleges and universities, to cultivate the innovation ability of college art students is the most powerful help for students to graduate in the future. Innovation is needed in this era. Maybe the theoretical knowledge of fine arts is tasteless, but after a certain amount of learning, we can train students’ creative ability and aesthetic ability through theoretical learning. Therefore, for the education of theoretical knowledge of Fine Arts in Colleges and universities, the education of theoretical knowledge has a long way to go.

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How to evaluate Russian ice hockey players after winning the title in Pingchang Winter Olympic Games March 30, 2020

  1. It’s really tragic. I didn’t expect to see the scene that I thought could only be seen in the movie
  2. That’s why in the Second World War, Germany pushed Europe flat for several months, but Moscow couldn’t fight down and was finally pushed back to Berlin flat. This strong national blood can be afraid that it hates it, but it can’t be despised
  3. Some people always ask why they think Russia is strong, why they think Russia has status, or whether Russia has declined, whether it will disintegrate in the future, and they really think more about it. Therefore, there are internal reasons why a big country can become a big country
  4. Although I admire and admire the passion of the Russians, it’s because it’s very dangerous for Russia to develop. The country with the excessive male hormone is an uncontrollable forest fire. I don’t know when it will turn the surrounding areas into a sea of fire. It’s beautiful and spectacular across the firewall, but its neighbors are unlucky
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Why did a large number of phenomenon stars emerge in NBA 2005-06 season?

Nba05-06 season is a year of superstars’ collective explosion. LeBron James, who scored 31.4 points per game, only ranked third in the league average score list, and Kobe Bryant, who scored 35.4 points per game, was unimaginable in the era when he won the championship with defense. You know, the 2004 season’s championship is piston, the 2005 season’s championship is spurs, the eastern championship is piston, these two teams were the benchmark of the defensive team in that year. So why do we have such two poles? There are many aspects to consider in this matter.

  1. In 1977, the NBA established a “hand checking” rule, which allows the defensive players to contact with each other without affecting the movement of attacking players. In the 00 season, we adjusted the details of the rule, and explained in detail whether the different areas of the court can touch the opponent with their arms.

In short, it is to protect the attacking players in the position above the free throw line, which limits the movement of the defenders. At the same time, the defensive player can not use forearm, shoulder, hip or hand to block the movement route of the attacking player, which is a signal to encourage the attack.

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Why does Kobe hold five titles and evaluate his historical position less than James? March 28, 2020

Because of the length and height of the peak period, as well as the gap in the greatest honor.

Kobe Bryant’s 5-crown 2fmvp1mvp, James 3-crown 3fmvp4mvp. James is two less than Kobe, Kobe is two less than James

Sfmvp3mvp. In most evaluation systems, two non fmvp champions cannot offset 1fmvp + 3mvp

The length and height of peak period mainly refer to:

Kobe Bryant’s MVP in 2008, two consecutive titles in 0910, two consecutive fmvp in James 12 / 13, two consecutive MVP in 2016, four in 2009-13

Sub MVP. Three of them are the first in the league, and two of them are the first in the single core League.

James has 17 seasons in his career: 14 MVP top five, 11 MVP top three. Among them, 4 MVP, 4 second, 3 third.

Kobe Bryant’s 20 seasons: 02, 5, 03, 3, 04, 5, 06, 4, 07, 3, 08, 1, 09, 2, 10, 3, 11

4, 12, 4, 13, 5. In 20 seasons, 11 MVP top 5, 4 MVP top 3 (compared with James 11). No other year’s score

Enter the top 5. In fact, the top three of MVP are competitors, and the fourth and fifth votes will be extremely low.

In addition, many of you may not realize that in 16 consecutive seasons, 25 + 6 + 6. 17 seasons, 16 best lineups, 13 of which are difficult

Degree. If you realize that, then no matter who did it, you will keep respect.

Think about the span from 2004 to now

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34 year old steel cannon, champion is not the end March 27, 2020

Eight years ago, Kyle Lowry, 26, went from Houston to Toronto in a cheap deal to raise the stakes for Gary Forbes and future protected draft rights. “At that moment, I felt like I was in exile, coming to a foreign country alone.” Lori was full of disappointment and confusion to come to the maple leaf country of Canada. Now, eight years later, he has become the second most important player in the team’s history, and he has realized his ultimate dream here – Championship.

“The seven years I’ve played with the Raptors are the best of my career. We have the best fans in the world. I love it here.” Lori spoke to the city of Toronto when he won the championship last June. He gives all he has here, and he deserves all the love and respect he has here. When he won the title, he was 33 years old, no one thought of it, especially 14 years ago, when he was selected by the Memphis Grizzlies in the first round of 24, no one thought that he would become a city hero, holding the championship trophy.

He did it. When Leonard came to the team, the ball changed the chemical reaction for six years. Drozan, the hero of the team, was traded. The team changed dramatically. The only team outside the United States in the NBA, they never received attention. Lori’s body is full of doubts. Although he was selected as an all star for five years in a row and became one of the best defenders in the East, his performance in the playoffs was really astonishing. He needs to save himself. He does.

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What’s your opinion on the use of the word “Wuhan virus” in the official microblog of the U.S. Embassy in China?

According to the data, the outbreak of the United States is about to break out completely. Because the trump government did not pay attention to and disorderly command in the early stage, it is estimated that the trump government will fall into a very serious epidemic, economic and electoral crisis. So he needs an external enemy. China is now a “perfect” target for the United States. The outbreak first broke out in Wuhan, and the source has not yet been figured out. They have been promoting the “Opacity” of Chinese government information. This is a perfect example of Trump’s enemy. Trump is a media PR guru. He knows where the traffic is. So in the past few days, he has been emphasizing the Chinese virus on different occasions. The media exposure is very high, which strengthens the impression that some Americans think the virus comes from China. Then let pompeio in G7 propose a joint statement with “Wuhan virus”. Thus we can see the dangers of mindfulness. Some respondents said that they would delete these two microblogs, which must not be deleted. This is the best textbook to show the face of the US government. Let the spiritual Americans who are usually fooled see what kind of existence America is. Trump said in an interview yesterday that he would no longer call the Chinese virus. But there is another sentence after him: but the virus is from China.

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Does quarterback have a high demand for players’ physical conditions in rugby? March 26, 2020

The shortest mobile quarterback: Seahawk Russell Wilson, 180, led the team into the super bowl 2 times, the shortest pocket quarterback once won the Championship: Saint Zhu Buli, 183, one of the elite quarterbacks, the strongest quarterback in the MVP once won the Super Bowl: steel man Big Ben, follow up the attack front line with similar physique, the weakest quarterback of the two Super Bowl Champions: Patriot Brady, the rookie will report it Demoted to nothing, today’s NFL’s most winning guys are different in stature, but they have one thing in common: they can pass the ball to the right place. This is the bottom line of quarterback. If we want to talk about physical conditions, it belongs to the ability of power control and hand eye coordination, and of course, the overall situation. Other advantages are bonus items. A good quarterback is one who can pass the ball steadily.

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Why didn’t Suzuki Ichiro Suzuki’s single season 262 a cause much sensation in the United States?

ince Yi Lang’s peak, the number of single season league hits has also dropped significantly, and it has become very difficult to break through 200 hits. In the future, hitters, especially the first hitter, will pursue a variety of ways to get on the base, and the trend of avoiding too radical swing will not change. Yilang’s record is unlikely to be broken in the future. Besides, there are two main reasons why Yilang’s record breaking didn’t cause a big stir. The first is that when the season sailor’s performance is not good, the missed playoffs. At that time, MVP was the most valuable player, not the best player. The so-called most valuable players must be those who can lead the team to win. At this point, Yi Lang didn’t make use of this record to become his bonus, so he only won the seventh place of similar consolation award in the MVP vote at the end of the season. The second reason is that the attention paid to breaking the record is inseparable from the reputation of the original record holder.

For example, when Barry Bonds became the league’s home run champion in 2001, it seems that he received far less attention than Roger Maris in 1961. Why? In addition to the suspicion of drug prohibition, the record that bonds broke originally belonged to mark Maguire, while the record that Maris broke originally belonged to berberberus, who was like a God. For another example, young Ripken broke the record of continuous debut in the 1990s, which made a sensation in the United States. For the same reason, the original record holder was legendary lujarig. For Yilang, before Yilang created this record, who knows who the original holder of this record is? Although the original record holder George Schiller is also a hall of fame player, in addition to playing, in terms of legend, it is far less than the names of Ruth, jarrigo, DiMaggio, mace and manto. Let’s talk about the issue of historical status. As far as ball theory is concerned, in terms of peak period, Yilang is not as good as Rodriguez and phus in terms of data or honor.

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