Celtic team in the first September 9, 2020

Of course, right now, he’s still playing well. He’s in the playoffs and he’s challenging the team. Strength ah, this playoff stage is to evaluate your team in the end, how good is the quality, and whether it is good or bad. Well, I think that the 76ers must want to go online to see what they don’t want to meet Celtic in the first round, although their own strength. The big Celtic team is also true, right? But try not to meet the Celtic team in the first round, because the playoffs are very strange, very strange, ah, if you are not in good condition, you will be attacked by the opponent stealing the airport, and it is very difficult to beat the seven.

At present, there is no possibility of any situation, so don’t challenge and then don’t think about the problem of more stars than less. Ah, the thing about a ball is the front and back of the coin, so it’s hard to say, so it’s still relatively stable to play the first round, which is very important for a strong team to adjust the state in the first round, and then see what problems there are. Well, raise the enthusiasm of these players, and then in the second round of the playoffs, you start to lose power, step by step, to the finals

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