Consider how to deal with the big contract in hand, or more directly December 11, 2020

Considering how to deal with the big contract in hand or, more directly, how to deal with the problem of which CD and the earth should be left behind, Reeves is not a coach who can experience reconstruction. I think he is a good muscle with strong theory and will be waiting for 2008.

Celtic won the championship coach, but is he a coach who can lead the team to experience reconstruction? I think I know what you mean, but I think it is a bit inappropriate to use the word “Reconstruction”. We know that the previous season, after losing to kabayin that bumping ball, ah.

At that time, I felt that, in fact, there was a lack of a front foot to follow this year’s clippers, but through the whole season last year, it was found that the problem was a little big, so I think their goal should not be to fight for the championship, but to return to the road to the championship. I agree, but they will be eliminated in 2019.

Finally, what did they do after they were eliminated, they, they, the one inside, they just let Butler go and signed two bigger contracts, Harris and hofford, playing in the era of space in the League reception room.

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