contract to sell one’s life without complaint! July 31, 2020

In many cases, it may be the internal voice of the team. Before the signing of the team, ah, rumors are flying everywhere. Once there is a crisis, the team can come out to clarify some facts.

If there is no threat to the interests of the team, it is he who will not come out to clarify, but will only let these rumors ah, these, messages, self, surge, sign first and then change, it must be good for the team, and what is good for the Warriors must be good for Durant. On the contrary, it may be harmful to know when to sign first and then change it. You don’t know when and where this time point is. Whether you are providing a complete five-year contract, a five-year top salary contract and a top salary contract under the terms of Debord. This is the first point. Second, the warriors are eager to sign Durant first and then change it. If you can, sign it first and then change it. When you can, you can do it. It’s no problem. The warriors have to swallow some junk contracts because you have to sign them first and then change them. To a certain extent, the salary is for you to sit down and match. How much this match can match is stipulated in the labor and capital terms. So we are not sure, but you will definitely push some contracts. So, join a team, but the green team will not put some.

iron on letter number ; iron on patches

High quality, the contract, to provide you, right to do some, false compensation to you is impossible, because for Durant, the whole season to be able to accept his team will lose to 40 million or even more than 40 million, the price is quite huge, a figure, other people’s salary cap

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