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If you can’t dunk, you can’t talk about efficiency. Ah, don’t be a dunk, because you can’t make 30 dunks in every game. Yes, for example, our CBA players take a simple example. If you go to the CBA Bureau and look at the dunks in the all star game, you can’t make two dunks, the third and the fourth can’t be buckled in. That’s the most intuitive performance. Ask the players who play basketball and the players who play basketball on the court how many buckles you can make.

I haven’t turned over this article for a long time. Let’s talk about this, er, now, harden’s passive skill is what we call, ah, what the author said, um, this foul making and foul making, but his passive skill turns into an active skill to score points. Ah, well, after the tactical changes on the court, ah, the efficiency of three-point is higher. Ah, forced to throw out of the three-point line, and then it becomes an active skill, and develops an active skill. Speaking of this matter, so now Paul George and harden are such athletes. So, now, playing well is, er, looking at the league, it is to point out to you that such a player or such a playing method is the supreme realm of basketball, which is the essence and mystery of basketball. I will make a comment on this matter. In my opinion, I think first of all, I would like to talk about Paul George. Paul George is not his course. He is an athlete who starts from defense. His offensive ability is developed from the day after tomorrow. This should be clear and clear

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