Little Guerrero’s first show in his career: White Sox’s offensive battle to defeat tiger February 24, 2020

On April 27, major league baseball played 15 games. The results are as follows: clergyman 4-3 national, Marlin 0-4 Philadelphia, sportsman 2-4 Bluebird, brewer 10-2 metropolis, rocky 8-4 warrior, Indian 6-3 spaceman, oriole 1-6 twin cities, tiger 11-12 White Sox, angel 5-1 Royal, Redman 12-1 cardinal, bear 3-8 rattlesnake, pirate 2-6 Dodge, Ranger 4-5 sailor (11 innings), Yankee 7-3 giant, ray vs Red Sox (delayed by rain).

In the second half of the fourth inning, Jan Gomes shot two shots, and the national was 2-0 ahead. In the first half of the fifth set, Eric hosmo fired a 2-1 shot. In the first half of the seventh set, Manny Macha’s extra hit leveled the score, 2-2. In the first half of the eighth inning, young Gomes was caught, and the clergyman’s score was exceeded. In the second half of the eighth inning, Carter kimbaum’s spring cannon helped the national team to level the score, which was also the first time in his career. In the first half of the ninth inning, Hunter renver fired a cannon. In the end, the priests relied on the home run to take the game 4-3.

The priest’s starter, Matt stram, made eight strikeouts in six innings, losing two points. National team starter Max shezer hit 10 strikeouts in 7 innings, losing 2 points. The total number of strikeouts in his career exceeded 2500.

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“Baseball Wu Yanzu” season 20 became MLB’s strongest firepower, once single core led the team to win MVP February 22, 2020

On May 24, Aaron Rogers, NFL Green Bay Packer quarterback, attended the fifth game of the NBA Eastern finals. For a long time, he has been a representative of Wisconsin sports. He has the highest score of quarterback among active players. For many years, he has the ability to lead the team with a single core. He often performs the “Wanfu Mary” drama. Therefore, he is considered as the real active goat.

But Rogers doesn’t seem to be the most popular guest in the audience. The Milwaukee brewer’s right fielder and 2018 MLB League MVP Christian yelic are also on the scene. At the climax of the competition, yelic raised his beer and drank it in the warm cheers of the whole audience to show the nature of the “brewer”. But on the other side, the inebriated Rogers could not help but say that he would quit the liquor Bureau and bow to the downfall.

To beat a legendary quarterback like Rodgers, of course, yelic doesn’t rely on just a beer, or a handsome look (you can’t deny that it’s more or less a bonus), but a solid performance on the court. After that basketball game, yelic hit his 20th home run of the season the next day, the first player in the League to reach that benchmark.

“Wu Yanzu, California”! He’s a great talent show

Yelic was born in West Lake Village, California in 1991. His grandfather is of Serbian origin and his grandfather is Japanese. He was also born with black hair, eyebrows and eyes, thin face, quite exotic, at first glance, he looked like Wu Yanzu.

Yelic was famous for his loud hitting voice and excellent first base defense in high school. In 2010, he was selected by the Miami Marlin in the 23rd place in the first round, with a signing price of $1.7 million. In the minor leagues, he soon showed a talent for striking, with an attack index of 0.8 to 0.9 and a double-digit production of home runs every year. Considering that he is a high school rookie, two or three years younger than the average age, this progress can be said to be very fast.

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MLB’s strong players play tragedies cubs outfielders attack small and medium-sized fans

On May 30, the Chicago Cubs challenged the Houston astronauts away in the MLB regular season. It was a fierce match, but it was interrupted by an accident. In the first half of the four innings, a small fan was hit by an out of bounds ball and sent to the doctor on the spot.

Chicago cub outfielder Albert almora Jr. held his head immediately after hitting the ball and was completely shocked by what happened next. According to the meizhiyuan stadium, an adult rushed to the seat where the little fan was and asked for help from the medical staff.

This sudden tragedy shocked the players of the two teams. Many players showed their very worried expressions on the field and knelt down to pray for the little fans. The bear outfielder, almora, who played the ball, knelt on one knee and wept bitterly. Coach Joe Madden and outfielder Hayward tried to appease him.

Houston fan Le Vasseur sat in the first row of area 111 and finally got the baseball rolling down. Levasseur said she didn’t see the ball hitting the child directly. She estimated that the fans were sitting in the seventh or eighth row. After the incident, the people in the front row rushed to check the child’s injury.

“What my friends and I heard was screams in the back,” Levasseur said. “Then I saw a man holding up his child and running up the stairs for medical help.”

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When the beauty of silver becomes oil painting

Silver scenery is picturesque. It’s like walking in a picture when you travel here. Imagine if the master of oil painting came to silver

What kind of world famous paintings will they draw? Xiaobian will show you the silver beauty of the oil painting!

Oil painting everyone, the morning glow is the same as the lake light

Monet’s sunrise depicts the sunrise of Le Havre port through mist.

Nine bends of the Yellow River, stone forest for dreams. On the weekend, I’d like to make an appointment with three or five friends to enjoy the stone forest peak sea, the dam, the Gobi and the desert oasis, and enjoy the infinite fun left by nature. Under the “kiss of the sky” and in the arms of stone forest, I can see the sunrise and the edge of the sky. The birds are joyful, lively and playful, and the stone forest scenery is lively and joyful. Visual challenge, a flower bloom

Monet’s “water lily” series challenges people’s visual experience. Each painting uses different colors and strokes. It is quiet and pure in the water, and has a vital beauty.

Although shuichuan Wetland Park is not Jiangnan, it is better than Jiangnan Water Town. In the afternoon of midsummer, strolling in the courtyard, the breeze blows gently, and the fragrance of flowers is intoxicating. After sniffing it, I can smell the whole summer. At a glance, I received the beautiful scenery of “the lotus leaves in the sky are boundless, and the lotus flowers in the sun are different and red”. Can’t help but whisper: to love the lotus out of the mud and not dye, Zhuo Qinglian and not demon

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Mlb13 summary: two young generals win the first board throw astronauts win the Rangers February 21, 2020

On May 13, major league baseball played the last match day of this week. In an offensive battle in the west area of the League of nations, Loki scored first in the second half of the second inning, and McMahon’s second base hit and waters’s first base hit returned two points; Blackmond’s seventh hit in the season brought the score to 0-4; in the second half of the fourth inning, Blackmond’s second home run in a single game, 1-5.

In the first half of the seventh inning, Dixon and Garcia’s hit allowed the priest to recover 2 points, 3-5; but in the second half of the seventh inning, Murphy’s second base hit emptied the bag, and Rocchi took a 5-point lead in an instant, 3-8; however, Rocchi’s attack was not finished, and Tapia’s two-point gun scored another 2 points, 3-10.

In the first half of the ninth inning, the priest almost reversed, first Garcia scored 1 point, 4-10; then Reyes shot three points, the score was reduced to 7-10; unfortunately, the priest failed to score again.

The pirates reversed in the last two innings. In the first half of the first set, the brave bell used the second base hit to send back the score, pirate 2-0 Cardinals; in the second half of the first set, Goldschmidt used the 10th home run of the season to catch the score to 3-2; in the second half of the second set, Jose Martinez’s two-point cannon let Cardinals surpass and lead by 3 points, 3-6.

In the first half of the seventh inning, the pirates relied on bell again. This time, it was a more ferocious home run, equalizing the score with three-point guns, 6-6. Then Fraser took the lead again, 8-6. In the first half of the eighth inning, Moran added the icing on the cake to send back two points, and finally the pirates defeated the cardinals in the same area 10-6.

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Mlb-19 7:00 live broadcast of astronauts vs Red Sox defending champion vows to bring back a city

At 07:15 on May 19, the defending champion Boston Red Sox played at home against the Houston astronauts, the best in the league, the second in a series of three games between the two sides. Tencent sports will broadcast the game live, welcome fans to watch at that time.

Review of war situation

This season, the situation in the eastern area of the United States shows polarization. The Toronto Bluebird and Baltimore oriole are in the process of reconstruction. At present, they are less than 40% winners, but the other three strong competitions are gradually entering the white heat: the winning rate of Guangming and Yankee are more than 60%, the gap is within one winning field, while the Red Sox is ranked third with 23-21, lagging behind about 4 winning fields. However, the defending champion’s recent situation has gradually returned to courage, winning 7 in the last 10 games. The main reason for the Red Sox’s backwardness is that the pitchers’ condition was not ideal before. At present, the team’s self blame score of 4.33 can only rank 15th in the League at the middle level. Red Sox 231’s total score can rank 7th in the league, but 58 home runs can only rank 14th, while this series of opponent astronauts has the second most 84 in the league.

The astronauts continued their recent heat, beating the Red Sox 3-1 at the end of the game. After winning the first game of the series, the astronaut won nine consecutive victories, with a record of 30-15. It is the second team in the League to reach 30 victories after dodge. It has led the sailors in 8.5 victories in the western area of the United States. At present, astronauts are good at shooting, with a total score of 248 points, the most points lost in the league, 159 points lost, the third least in the league. The pitcher group has full control power, and the opponent’s strike rate is 20% 03, the best in the league.

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Broken nose, black eyes, seven innings. Xiezer’s playing trump card with injury February 13, 2020

On June 20, Washington Nationals won 2-0 at home against the Philadelphia Phillies. National starter Xie zel broke his nose in yesterday’s attack training, but still insisted on playing today’s game with injuries. In the end, he didn’t lose points after seven innings. He was hit four hits and hit three strikes 10 times.

Throughout the game, shezer used a lot of speed balls to challenge Philadelphia’s hitters. Today, his average ball speed is 96.2 miles, which is the third fastest in 358 starts of his career. His pitches cost Philadelphia hitters a total of 18 swings and two 98 mile fastballs, which he had only thrown once before this season.

Although there are only four hits in the national team, two of them are Yangchun cannons. Brian Dozier and V í ctor Robles hit home runs in the second and eighth innings respectively to help the team take the lead.

The bullpen, which has been criticized by the national team, didn’t go wrong again today. Sean Doolittle, the terminator of the ninth inning, made three pitches and three times to close the door successfully, which is also the 15th rescue success of Doolittle this season.

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Giant quarterback Daniel Jones will train with his teammates at Duke University

New York Giant quarterback Daniel Jones continues to follow his predecessor, Eli Manning.

Like Manning, Jones and some of his teammates took over in off-season training at Duke University. Darius Slayton and Sterling Shepard participated in the training.

One of Manning’s regular off-season arrangements is to train at Duke University, where his mentor, David cutcliffe, teaches. For Jones, it is a reasonable decision to continue this tradition at his alma mater.

After Jason Garrett became the team’s new attack coordinator, Jones was unable to get a playbook to practice with his outfielder under League rules. However, they can practice footstep, basic skills and tacit cooperation.

“I just want to practice where I can make progress,” Jones said last week. “It’s hard to really get offensive tactics, learn tactics and rules. I can start by focusing on what I need to practice and what I need to improve from last year. I look forward to this training. “

In rookie season, Jones started 12 games, passing 3027 yards 24 times to the formation 12 times to be intercepted. He has a lot to practice during the off-season. Rookie’s 18 ball drops in the season (11) mean protecting the ball right is his main concern.

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13 three points to win! Double MVP, 31 penalty to fight against the green army

February 13, 2020, in an NBA regular season just concluded yesterday. The Rockets host the Celtic challenge. In fact, this game is very important for the Rockets. Before the All-Star game, there is only one game left. Besides, Celtic is also a powerful player in the East, ranking third in the East, with very strong strength, especially in defense, so this game is a very big challenge for the Rockets. In the game, the Rockets also held the victory at home. Under the guidance of two MVPs, harden and weishao, the Rockets beat Celtic 11 points by 116-105 at home. The team ended two consecutive defeats. Harden and weishao looked at the data of 78 points, 18 rebounds and 12 assists in the game. It can be said that the two players finally found the initial state of the team, not only like So, in this game, Hardon and weishao directly hit Celtic with free throws. Hardon’s free throws were 18-17, while weishao’s 13-10, and two of them were 31-27. They scored 27 points with free throws alone!

In fact, in the first quarter, Hardon was not in shape, and weishao was also caught by the opponent’s bag, so the Rockets played very hard on the court. If it wasn’t for Covington and other players to hit three points on the outside, the Rockets would not lead in the first quarter. Then in the second quarter, Celtic ushered in a big explosion on the court, and continued to be right on the court Hand bag, and Hardon is playing worse and worse on the court. Although the opponent didn’t deliberately bag Hardon, it’s obvious that Hardon is difficult to lead the team alone on the court, especially without Wei Shao tearing the opponent’s defense line. But in the third quarter, HA and other players finally found the status, Wei Shao attracted the opponent’s bag on the court, and Celtic chose to put it at this time Empty harden, harden at this time finally stood out, constantly hit three points, and on the court is also constantly making opponent’s foul! It can be said that in the third quarter, Hardon was completely mad. He not only hit three points back step, but also suffered a three-point foul. In the third quarter, Hardon scored 19 points alone, and Wei Shao also scored eight points!

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Star team’s 2-1 overtime kill predator goalkeeper opens to send another Division home first February 12, 2020

On April 23, the NHL playoffs continued its sixth contest. Dallas, who is in the center of American Airlines, beat the Nashville Predators 2-1 extra time, scoring 4-2 to enter the second round of the playoffs. And the predators, after lightning and fire, became the third division first team to go home in the first round of this year’s playoffs.

Match point

The two sides fought against each other in the last match, but as a result, the star team’s attack team has completely recovered to the level of Lindi RAF. Radurov, Jamie Ben and Segan, the once powerful attack team, destroyed the defense line of Daya. The attack group of the whole series is very sluggish, except for Fosbury’s occasional performance, avidson is totally sleepwalking.

Competition review

5:47 seconds after the opening of the game, Fang took the lead. P.K. – Su ban was shot outside the blue line by Bishop. Watson took the chance to make up the shot, and Fang took the lead 1-0. After that, Lin Nei blocked the attack of Jamie Ben and speza. In 14:55 seconds, zucallero fouled the star team and gave him a chance to play hard. Johnson and avidson were blocked by Bishop. In the second quarter, 5 minutes and 20 seconds, the star forward fakesa grabbed P.K. – Su ban in the blue line, the star team made a beautiful three line fast break, fakesa assisted Como to score the ball, and the star team equalised the score. After that, the goalkeepers of the two teams performed. Before the end of the third quarter, bishop and Lin Nei made more than 40 saves respectively, and the two teams entered overtime 1-1. In the extra time game, 17:02 seconds, star team’s klinberry received the assists from radurov and Segan and finally broke the deadlock. Finally, star team won 2-1.

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