Who is better than Tom Brady and Peyton Manning? April 30, 2020

After the 49th super bowl, the debate between the two about who is the first quarterback in active service should be settled a lot. Tom Brady has four Super Bowl rings and only one Peyton Manning crown. But the first question of the subject, which is more powerful, is really hard to say. Patriot fans, of course, think Brady is better at the playoffs and the super bowl.

However, Manning’s 7W + yards and the number of the first pass to the array are not the achievements that can be wiped out by the simple word “brush”. If you compare the data of the whole career of the two people, you will find that they are very close (if you want to check on the pro football reference, Brady’s hit matrix interception ratio will be higher). Brady’s total data is lower, but after all, it is 199 in six rounds, and he joined the League late, playing less games. Manning’s int is a little bit more. He often choke in the playoffs, but he holds numerous NFL records. Who can say that he would not do better under the guidance of bill Belichick. The second question is who is the first quarterback in NFL history. The controversy is even greater. Peyton, Manning, Dan Marino, John Elway, Brett Favre and Johnny Unitas all have supporters. But it is widely believed that Tom Brady and his childhood idol Joe Montana are the main contenders for the title. Peyton Manning, unless he can win another super bowl as a leader this season, has basically withdrawn from the title contest. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have seen a lot of biographical reports. Their professionalism, self-discipline, focus on the game, desire for victory, including their own technical and tactical level, are almost equal. It’s nothing more than to listen to heaven’s orders after doing everything. Finally, as a patriot fan, I would like to say: of course I’m quitting Brady! Don’t believe it look at the picture!

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The story of Van Gogh’s paintings

  1. Outdoor cafe at night

Evening open air Cafe 1888 oil painting on cloth in Holland

Van Gogh often patronizes the cafe near his residence at night. The dazzling lights and stars of the cafe inspired his passion for painting. He used yellow and blue in this painting to express a unique feeling. The contrast between the yellow coffee seat and the blue starry sky illuminated by the lights makes the whole picture very beautiful and full of a peaceful poetry. Van Gogh once said, “for me, at night, it seems more energetic and colorful than in the daytime. Painting at night, watching the twinkling stars in the sky and the lights on the ground, is a very beautiful and peaceful work.”

“The Lancashire cafe, which Van Gogh borrowed from May to September 18, is located in the place Du form. It is called the ‘nighttime Cafe’ because it is open all night. He once used two overnight paintings to draw a work in a cafe. The nighttime cafe is a work of the same period. He often felt that the night was more full of vibrant colors than the day, so he went outside several times to draw stars. In the painting, the orange canopy illuminated by the gas lamp and the dark blue starry sky form a contrast of the same shape, which seems to imply the complex mentality of hope and regret, fantasy and boldness. Van Gogh has slowly revealed his complicated and uneasy, hesitating and nervous mental state on the screen. “

  1. Nighttime Cafe

Night caf é Van Gogh oil painting 1888, Keller Miller Museum, Netherlands

The nighttime cafe is one of the works of Van Gogh, a famous dutch painter. He painted it in Arles, Provence, France, in September 1888, and now it is collected in the Keller Miller Museum in the Netherlands.

The cafe Van Gogh painted in Arles is still standing in La Martin square. After arriving in Arles, Van Gogh lived here all the time. Later, he moved into the yellow house and lived with Gauguin for two months with the hope of building a community of artists.

Van Gogh’s works in Arles period are always bright landscape paintings full of sunshine. In fact, he was stimulated by the night scene and made a lot of paintings.

The painting with Van Gogh’s signature in the lower right corner depicts the scene of an indoor cafe. The curtain in the middle of the picture is half open and half closed. It is speculated that there are many independent small rooms behind the door. Five customers sat along the wall on the left and right sides. The waiter stood under the light and faced the audience. There was a billiard table in the middle of his room.

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Why didn’t the base runner go back to his base bag after the catcher received the throw? April 29, 2020

After catching the ball, the catcher can directly throw the holding ball to kill the runner who does not step on the softball. Seeing that the catcher has got the ball, he is too far away from the next softball to return to the base to protect his life, is it waiting for someone to kill you?! Or do you really think you can run faster than the ball when you have s on your chest, a cloak on your back and underpants on the outside? Of course, if the catcher misses the catch and the catcher can’t find the ball, the catcher falls to catch the ball. The runner on the base bet that the catcher won’t be able to stand up for a while, and the referee doesn’t judge the dead ball state, it’s OK to run for a while, but this is the stupid youth of campus baseball. The players of professional baseball eat by playing. The animals in the field can pass the ball to the corresponding softbag with their eyes closed. If the runners are reckless, they will die if they try.

Don’t underestimate the catcher’s holding, especially the holding of the second base. At the beginning of the second base, the running direction of man and the ball is opposite. When the ball is hit, it runs to the field, and man runs from the field to the home base. This leads to a greatly increased probability of running back to the home base from the second base, so the second base is called the scoring circle. If the catch is not good for the second base protection, once there is someone on the first base, the opposite side will dare to steal the second base, which leads to the scoring circle has always been someone. In this way, the threat of double killing is reduced. The attackers dare to let go of their hands and feet to do things. Secondly, there are always people in the scoring circle who should be warned not to be knocked out and hit, which leads to a sharp increase in the pressure of casting and catching, and even the idea of ball distribution should be careful. The key point is that this pressure, rather than the attacking force, can bring down the attack and capture.

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Advertising knowledge for non advertisers

How to say, it was a book recommended by a friend at that time. Unexpectedly, after reading it, I like it very much.

What do you like about this book?

I like its funny writing. It’s interesting to watch and I’d like to read it. This is the most important question for us to face a book. Want to read, but always face is obscure, nutritious but boring, so, we are very difficult to get started.

Secondly, it is the initiator of the attitude of young groups in the advertising industry in China, because there is no up-to-date arrangement of advertising common sense in China, that is to say, what we see is too traditional and there is no attitude and discourse of new advertisers.

Finally, I want to talk about the ghost. I think he is very ghost. How to say, he is funny but has an attitude. He knows a lot but doesn’t show off. He is also the post-90s, but what are we doing in the post-90s? Hit lol? Bubble sister < of course bubble sister is also very important, life events >? Or in pursuit of drama? This book, for me, also has a role, that is, people of my time have achieved such achievements, and I have no reason to fall.

Now, I hurt my foot, and the internship company asked for a day off, ready to read this book.

After reading “common sense of advertising for non advertisers” (2): the only one who reveals the truth in 800 years

Dang, the industry is still struggling about whether advertising is artistic or scientific

Dang technologist wandering between the native and 4A

Dang ads also have a mysterious and sexy Aura

When everyone talks about plot and morality

Finally, the ghost appeared. He was in a helicopter and sent to save the earth——

Haha, wrong. This is not a disaster movie.

Ghosts do one thing, share.

It’s wonderful. The old people once said: take it first and give it first.

And according to internal information,

It’s ghosts who have been wandering in various schools of Wulin for decades,

Copying, cutting, analyzing and summarizing the secret ancient books was once regarded as a small circle of circulating secret books by all schools on the top of Guangming.

This is the greatest spirit of sharing.

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How to improve the quality of oil painting teaching in Fine Arts April 28, 2020

Oil painting is the basic learning content of fine arts with rich connotation, which has special expression techniques and skills. Under the premise of paying attention to basic fine arts knowledge, oil painting teaching pays more attention to the cultivation of students’ artistic ability. In oil painting teaching, teachers need to cultivate students’ creative ability and imagination ability, fully mobilize students’ initiative and enthusiasm, and improve students’ appreciation ability of oil paintings.

Classroom teaching is the main position of oil painting teaching. In classroom teaching, we should create an artistic classroom atmosphere and make the classroom a place full of aesthetic feelings. In the aspect of extracurricular guidance, teachers should guide students to refer to more oil paintings. Oil painting teaching is not a simple sense of aesthetic imitation, but a deep level of art teaching content. Oil painting is a harmonious and unified whole, Rich in color, thinking, emotion, behavior, art, wisdom, and many other elements. The study of oil painting teaching is the inevitable requirement of art teaching and the only way to enrich teachers’ art teaching experience.

2、 The main points and characteristics of oil painting teaching

  1. Key points of oil painting teaching. Oil painting teaching should highlight several teaching points, which are knowledge points that students must understand and master in teaching. The key points of oil painting course are oil painting foundation, oil painting appreciation, oil painting still life, oil painting scenery, oil painting portrait and oil painting human body. The key point of all these subjects is the painting course.
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Why is NFL so popular in the global market?

London is more difficult than Beyonce concert tickets

For Wembley Stadium, Chinese football fans should be very familiar with it. It is the home of the English Football Association and hosts all kinds of super first-class events such as the England national team and the final of the FA Cup every year. The FA Cup became Arsene Wenger’s thermos cup and the scene of the accident was here.

In order to promote rugby in the world, NFL has held NFL International Series in London and Mexico City since 2007, moving the original NFL events from the United States to overseas markets. In 2018, the NFL held three regular season games at Wembley Stadium in London: on October 14, Seattle Seahawk vs. Oakland Raider; on October 21, Tennessee Titan vs. Los Angeles lightning; on October 28, Philadelphia Eagle vs. Jacksonville Jaguar. According to NBC sport, tickets were sold out in London this year. All the matches were sold out before the game, and the third game against Jaguar was sold out by crazy fans within one day of billing. It’s no wonder that British media wrote before the competition that “it’s even more difficult to get tickets to the NFL London competition than Beyonce’s concert after that”. In fact, it’s not as easy to fill the Wembley Stadium with potholes as the statistics show. For many professional sports leagues, they don’t even have the courage to challenge the 90000 people’s stadium like Wembley. Ticket selling is not only one aspect of the problem. On the competition day, if there are few people in the stands, it also increases negative scores for the image and organization of the whole competition.

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Should Da Gu Xiangping continue the “two blade flow”? April 25, 2020

Why not?


  1. Judging from his current personal situation and background, it’s not that he just started to do two blade flow. I have many years of experience in how to keep myself in shape, including career and previous career accumulation. Therefore, although MLB’s two blade flow seems to be a dangerous road, it is not inexperienced, but also has a way to follow. From this point of view, MLB is the upgraded version of NPB. As long as the angels are good at using his knowers and don’t overuse this strange soldier, Xiangping valley will naturally have room to play and considerable room for growth.
  1. From the perspective of baseball, in fact, the reason why the current practice of Da Gu Xiangping attracts so many people is that he has become a guide and triggered the baseball industry’s thinking on how to cultivate the future generation. For a long time, apart from babyruth, few people have reached the level of real two blade flow. Therefore, baseball generally believes that the higher the level is, the more attention needs to be paid to one thing. The two blade flow distracts players’ energy and makes them difficult to achieve. It’s a trend to break this conclusion. Naturally, people in the baseball industry tend to focus on it.
  2. From my personal point of view, as a person with game and training experience, he doesn’t pay much attention to any baseball game, because it’s really boring to watch other people’s games. I believe that there are many experiences and ideas from American fans and me. It’s not about the game and the stars that OTA Xiangping attracts people like me, but about learning a kind of behavior mode and thinking mode from him. If he doesn’t continue with the two blade flow, I will naturally turn off the TV, because MLB is starting to be boring again.
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What kind of position can a player with strong scoring ability but poor rebounding and assists achieve in the NBA? April 24, 2020

If we want to discuss this problem, it may be more reasonable to use the rebounding rate (trb9) and assists rate (AST%) instead of the simple statistics of rebounding and assists. In addition, we should also consider the time style, the deviation between the individual players and the average level of corresponding positions, etc., in short, it is not reasonable to use simple mathematical thinking to analyze. By the way, we strongly recommend that you use the genuine BBR, which has more powerful functions than the copycat version.

Go back to the point.

Scoring more means more shots, more opportunities to attack and more ball power. Under normal circumstances, it will create better mobile phones for teammates because of attracting the opponent’s defensive attention. Even Adrian dantley, the famous singles king in history, has a career assist rate of 139%. The most typical example of high scoring and low assists is the traditional center (such as Yao Ming). For them, the low post single is a very efficient scoring method. However, because they live in the inner line, their rebounds are naturally indispensable. Therefore, there are many players who really meet the main conditions. Regardless of ancient times, just look at the situation of each season in the last 30 years. On the basis of scoring 20 + points per season, we have “controlled” our TRB% and AST% below 10%. There are only 10 people in total.

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Breakfast revolution is advertising

We’ve all heard the saying, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” in fact, it comes from a huge advertising campaign. In the 1940s, several cereal companies in the United States promoted the importance of breakfast in order to promote their cereal, cornflake and other fast-food breakfast, one of which was “eat breakfast, work better“. The historical status of breakfast is not high. People in the Roman Empire believe that only one meal a day is enough for health. There are few descriptions of breakfast in Catholic books.

In medieval Europe, only rich people could have a decent breakfast. Heavy laborers also had breakfast, but most people didn’t have breakfast. Historians believe that breakfast became a fixed meal, after the industrial revolution, people live in the city, to go out to work for a day, breakfast becomes essential. Working people eat whatever they can – bread, cheese, pancakes, leftovers from the day before, and so on. In America in the 19th century, material life improved. At that time, breakfast was no different from lunch and dinner. We had steak, roast chicken and oysters in the morning.

An agricultural historian said that Americans used to eat more meat, more meat, potatoes, cakes and pies. The result of such overeating is indigestion. Just like the obesity problem today, the Americans faced indigestion in those days. They need a fresh breakfast. The emergence of cereal fast food coincides with the time. In 1827, whole wheat biscuit was invented. In 1890, cornflakes were invented. These cereal foods were called “whole wheat rocks” in their early days – they didn’t taste good enough for people to swallow until they soaked them in milk.

Since 1900, there have been more and more cereal companies: there are more and more people who take cereal as breakfast. Although it’s hard to eat, it’s convenient. In the morning, cereal is poured into milk and goes to work as soon as it’s eaten. After a fierce market competition, today’s grain fast food market is monopolized by several large companies.

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How to judge the effect of heat transfer printing April 23, 2020

The effect of hot transfer printing is not only related to the quality of lettering film, but also to the temperature, time and pressure of hot transfer printing machine. The following editor will share with you why the three elements of heat transfer have an impact on the effect of heat transfer stamping.

1、 Look at temperature: temperature is an important parameter of hot transfer hot stamping. The higher the temperature is, the higher the transfer rate is. Because the temperature has a direct impact on the fabric, the transfer temperature should be determined above the fabric temperature, that is to say, the fabric temperature is the lowest temperature during hot transfer hot stamping processing. When the temperature is reached, the fabric will start to sublimate. But it is not the highest temperature of fabric sublimation, and the highest temperature should be determined by the fiber without damage. Therefore, the selection of temperature should be based on factors such as fiber and dye. Generally, 150-160 is the best choice.

2、 Look at the time: hot transfer stamping time is usually controlled at about 12s. There are two transfer times: one is the sublimation time of the dye; the other is the setting time of the dye on the surface. Different color disperse dyes have different diffusion coefficients. If the heating time is extended properly, the color depth of dyes will be increased, but it is not meaningful to extend the transfer time too much. On the contrary, the production efficiency is delayed, and the quality of the load will be reduced, because too high temperature and too long time will cause the fiber to feel rough and the color will turn yellow; on the contrary, too low temperature and too short time will cause the transfer effect to be unsatisfactory.

3、 Look at the pressure: pressure is an important factor to ensure the transfer quality. The greater the pressure, the better the transfer effect. It mainly reduces the distance between the fabric and the transfer film. The less the evaporated disperse dyes collide and escape in the air, and the higher the color of the heat transfer hot stamping. But the pressure can not be increased indefinitely. Due to the excessive pressure, the fabric will have obvious indentation between the compression area and the non compression area. In order to ensure the appearance quality of the load-bearing fabric, the circular arc contact surface hot stamping machine can be used. Another way is to use a vacuum heat transfer press – the so-called vacuum heat transfer press, which can also make a non sublimation disperse dye applied, but also can increase the amount of color and heat transfer speed.

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