a big exchange and a big deal June 30, 2020

Let’s talk about four teams, a big exchange and a big deal. Well, in fact, there is no big change in starting a few teams. This is because there are more heads. The number of transactions is relatively large, there are no big name players, and the exchange is not shocking enough. In this program, we will talk about the missile deal. It is a little confusing and incomprehensible. Let’s talk about my personal views, but we know. Now it’s time to send cabella to the Hawks, replace Gerrard green and sign in the first round. It’s not very important to give the Nuggets Jordan bell and Covington. The most important thing is that Covington is actually better than this deal.

It’s hard to judge whether the deal is good or not. I don’t really feel that there is anything special about it. Ah, what kind of excellent operation may be me. I don’t know why I came early and left. But, um, she is also a general manager who is smart and skillful in calculation. So finally, let’s take a look at the operation method of the missile pair. Now, let’s say if. Referring to the current lineup to play the playoffs, I think there is no future. Ah, of course, our anticipation of missiles can’t play. The finals and any teams will play 50%. It’s unrealistic for father Wu Kai to go through four rounds to hold your back. Ah, it’s totally unrealistic. I don’t believe these. Things can happen to missiles, and then this, after the deal or cabella, the type of thing that’s obvious has become a vacuum, but this game if you play against the Lakers against the Lakers, either in the first round impossible second round.

You can find his fourth and fifth song. In the fourth and fifth position, he is completely exposed to the precise attack of the Los Angeles team. Do you have any hiding place? I will hit you one by one until you spit blood and pierce you. I believe you can understand that it may lead to internal heat. Maybe the commander can’t get to the fourth or the fifth in the sixth or seventh position. It’s not realistic for you to reach the second and third place after rushing. His imaginary enemy and target are mainly clothes on the Clippers. But if this lineup goes to fight the clippers, there is no absolute advantage, because the missiles are against each other. Guard, system, so he depends on the shot, enough rounds more than three points, and Hardon breakthrough three points, plus weishao Gordon ah, these two players have a strong ability to pass and control sudden.

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Poland and Tunisia June 29, 2020

After 12 years, Poland and Tunisia, as well as the third time in the world cup after 28 years, Egypt, the new faces and long lost old faces of the team, can bring more variables to the world cup? Let’s wait and see. For example, we have to talk about this world cup. Of course, there are also Messi and Ronaldo. Who is in charge of the ups and downs? Among the fans in the world, some love Chlo and some support Messi. They have almost contracted the title of world football player of the past decade. However, they have not won the world cup, and this world cup is very oily. Anyway, it’s the last world cup of these two superstars in their peak state, so I don’t know whose dream the 2018 World Cup Hercules cup will fulfill and who will be the best singer. Of course, the opening match of the world cup is also the focus of attention.

Tonight, we will usher in the first match of the 2018 World Cup. The host country, Russia and Saudi Arabia, will face each other. One is the polar bear in the extremely cold area, and the other is the desert green hawk. Although it is not as good as Brazil, the strength of both sides can not be underestimated. Ah, as a famous and powerful force in Europe, the Russian national team used to include the former Soviet Union. A total of 10 times into the world cup, three times into the World Cup finals eight, one is the fourth World Cup or the first country to win the European Cup, such as the results of ordinary countries can not compare to ah, Russia’s leading stars Alan, de sagoyev, in Russia, that is familiar. The player’s wide vision of passing and excellent ability of setting the ball can be regarded as the leader of the new generation of young players in Russia’s talented midfield, even regarded by fans as Russia’s new czar. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia is also a traditional strong team in Asian Football World Cup.

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Warriors back to peak next year? June 25, 2020

Temporary dormancy may be for tomorrow’s rise. The warriors continue to suffer from injuries this season, and finally finish at the bottom of the western region. After the NBA Board approved the plan for the second round of 22 teams, the warriors’ 2019-20 season ended ahead of schedule. In the future, if you want to return to the championship, what should warriors do? “Chicoer” reporter Wes Goldberg has made a list of things for warriors to do this summer.

  1. Will Wiggins fit into the warrior?

By the end of the season, Wiggins and Curie had worked together for 27 minutes, Drummond green for 24 minutes, and clay Thompson for none. This makes it impossible to evaluate the tacit understanding between him and the three footstones of the warriors on the field, which may also be the biggest regret for the warriors to end the season ahead of schedule.

  1. How will warriors make good use of the top five draft picks?

This may be the most influential draft in the history of the warriors. The warriors have now secured top five picks, with a 14% chance of winning the top five, and may be able to pick a young talent who can contribute in the playoffs and become the face of the team in the future.

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How to order bronzing products quickly? June 24, 2020

First of all, we need to determine the customer’s requirements. We need to remember that hot stamping is a customized product. We need customers to report what kind of fabric they want to hot stamp, what kind of pattern they want, and even the fastness and softness of washing. Some products may have requirements for environmental protection.

Once you have confirmed your eyes, you need to ask the right person for documents, which can be AI, PSD, CDR, to let the other person know the size of the specifications. If there is no source document, you need the customer to provide a real sample.

If it is the first cooperation, proofing fee is needed! Generally, the printing fee of color printing is 500 yuan. If the original one-time order is more than 500 copies, the printing fee will be refunded. The washing mark is 150 yuan, plus 50 yuan for one color, and 200 copies will be refunded at one time! Screen printing costs 200 yuan for proofing, and 100 yuan for one color. If you order more than 300 copies, you will also be charged back. The next step is the design layout. After the design layout, the designer will let the customer confirm the color, size and effect.

The production cycle is about 3 to 5 days. When the production is finished, the samples will be provided to the customers. After the confirmation of the customers, the mass production can be carried out! After that is to confirm the logistics receipt.

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Thermal transfer UV nano texture June 23, 2020

The use of UV is very common, we often say UV, which includes both materials and technology.

1: UV (ultra violet) is called UV curing technology. It is a technology that uses UV light (main wavelength is 365nm, special occasion is 254nm) to irradiate UV hardening resin such as coatings, adhesives or inks containing light coincidence prepolymers, light coincidence monomers, light starters, etc., and then hardens and dries rapidly in seconds.

2: UV paint, the abbreviation of ultra violet curing paint, is UV curable paint, also known as light induced paint, UV curable paint.

Nano texture

It’s easy to understand. It’s nano texture, mainly fine. The human eye can only see the micron level, 1 nanometer is equal to 0.00000 1 mm. A piece of hair is about 1 / 5mm thick, and a nanometer is 20000 times as thin as the hair. You can feel how thin is the nanometer texture?

UV nano texture

UV nano texture is easy to understand, using UV to achieve nano texture. At present, the back shell of mobile phone mostly adopts this technology. For example, the back shell of glory mobile phone can realize the illusion like feeling by using UV nano texture.


The heat transfer processing transfers the exquisite patterns on the transfer film to the product surface through the heat transfer machine for one-time processing (heating and pressurizing), and after forming, the ink layer and the product surface dissolve into one, which is OK. The method is relatively simple.

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Pirates confirm that there are people in the facility infected with the new crown June 22, 2020

On Saturday, us time, pirate officials confirmed that someone at the team’s facilities was infected with the COVID-19.

“We can confirm that there are people in the training center who are positive for the new crown,” the pirate said in a statement. We immediately launched the response plan and emptied the affected areas. The area will not be opened until the cleaning is completed. The infected person has been informed and will be quarantined for 14 days. “

“Our team center will still be open to employees in the first stage, and important operations will continue to prepare for the 2020 season,” the pirate said in a statement after entering the first stage restart on June 10. The name of the infected person and other information will not be made public. “

This week, more than one team has been recruited, 49 people, Texans, cowboys, mustangs have positive test results.

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Cy Young pitcher price gives generously June 20, 2020

Dodge off season with a number of potential rookies in exchange for a year of use of Munch Bates, but also to eat David Price’s huge contract. Although the former big shot price has passed the peak and has not yet cast a formal game on behalf of dodge, he has conquered the whole dodge team with his personality charm.

It is reported that the Cy Young left hander decided to give $1000 each to all the Dodgers who are not in the 40 member list in June, and about 200 small league players who have been suffering from the epidemic will benefit from it.

Price is the top pick in 2007. He won the Cy Young Award and was selected as an all star five times. This season is the fifth year of his 217 million contract in seven years. His good deeds will accumulate a lot of good reputation for him. The issue of subsidies is a highly discussed topic in MLB in recent days. Previously, the League promised to give each minor league player a subsidy of $400 per week until the end of May.

Now the deadline is approaching the semi-final negotiation, which is not as expected. Sportsmen took the lead in announcing that the subsidy will be suspended from June 1. Although it is expected that teams will follow up, it is good that more teams decide to continue the subsidy, and even ray and marlin, two small Florida market teams, have announced that they will continue the subsidy of $400 per person per week.

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Is Tom Brady the first in NFL history? June 19, 2020

It can only be said that Brady is the first honorary member of NFL history team, and has not reached a unique level in terms of ability. Brady must be one of the greatest quarterbacks in history, but Brady didn’t crush everyone of his time in terms of ability, just like the goat of other projects. The four elite quarterbacks that NFL often refers to are Brady, drew Brees, Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers. The first person in other sports seldom said anything about the big four, nor did the NBA in Michael Jordan’s time say anything about the big four point guards. In most people’s opinion, the four elite quarterbacks are of the same level, no one is more than the remaining three. Does Tom Brady have the level of personal ability to rule other quarterbacks of his time? The answer is No. the author selected four elite quarterbacks plus the league’s first player mahome career best season to compare Brady’s strength in the peak period, and did not surpass other elite quarterbacks.

We can see that from the net average yard of each pass, the average yard of each draw back, Brady’s other quarterbacks do not have much advantage over each other. It can be said that they are basically one-stop, and some data are obviously not as good as Peyton Manning and Rodgers. In terms of the length of career peak period, Peyton Manning still brought out a devastating attack team, with 5400 yards and 54 hits in a single season. Drew Brees has set a career high in passing hit rate and score after 40 years old. Brady has little advantage in the length of career peak period, except that he obviously exceeds Rodgers who has declined in recent years.

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Us multi state outbreak rebound June 18, 2020

“We will not blockade this country again.” According to Fox News, US President trump said in an interview with Fox News on the night of the 17th local time. Trump’s comments came as several US media reported that in the past week, there have been signs of a rebound in the epidemic situation in many states, and the number of new crown infections in more than 10 states has risen sharply.

In an interview that day, trump told the host that the U.S. government is working closely with governors to provide “what they need (help).”. Trump said the United States will remain open.

Trump compared the fight against the epidemic with the fight against fire. “We have good fire fighting conditions. I used to call them small flames. They will burn in some areas, but we will fight them soon. We will not blockade the country again.”

“We don’t have to.” Trump added.

Reuters said Trump’s comments came after White House economic adviser Larry Kudrow and U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven mnuchin said the U.S. would not shut down the economy again. In a conference call with governors, vice president burns also encouraged them to reiterate the government’s claim that the increase in cases was the result of an expanded virus test, the report quoted the new york times as saying.

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A columnist who can’t play is not a good commentator June 17, 2020

The latest information of baseball and softball is that he is the most skillful. At home and abroad, he can call on any player, and he can make money in his career. He once set up an amateur team because of his love and introduced himself to explain Baseball League for his ideal. He is not a professional in science and university public affairs management. Now he has become a famous commentator of baseball games. He is our leading role today.

Explain the job, Not everyone can do well. If you don’t have many years of experience in or long-term attention to this sport, there will be a blind area of knowledge in the commentary. If you only rely on the existing information on the Internet, or rely on your own impression and subjective judgment, it is easy to make mistakes in the commentary, and it will make the audience listen uninteresting. When you were a child, because of the baseball game on the red and white machine, you were associated with baseball He joined the school’s softball team at school. For decades, Mr. Chen has never stopped loving baseball.

In college, Chen Hui began to write some baseball and softball press releases, which laid the foundation for his later career of commentary. In 2012, when the domestic Baseball League was held, Mr. Chen Hui arrived at the scene in person and volunteered to be the commentator of the game. Unexpectedly, this test officially opened Chen Hui’s career as a professional commentator.

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