contract to sell one’s life without complaint! July 31, 2020

In many cases, it may be the internal voice of the team. Before the signing of the team, ah, rumors are flying everywhere. Once there is a crisis, the team can come out to clarify some facts.

If there is no threat to the interests of the team, it is he who will not come out to clarify, but will only let these rumors ah, these, messages, self, surge, sign first and then change, it must be good for the team, and what is good for the Warriors must be good for Durant. On the contrary, it may be harmful to know when to sign first and then change it. You don’t know when and where this time point is. Whether you are providing a complete five-year contract, a five-year top salary contract and a top salary contract under the terms of Debord. This is the first point. Second, the warriors are eager to sign Durant first and then change it. If you can, sign it first and then change it. When you can, you can do it. It’s no problem. The warriors have to swallow some junk contracts because you have to sign them first and then change them. To a certain extent, the salary is for you to sit down and match. How much this match can match is stipulated in the labor and capital terms. So we are not sure, but you will definitely push some contracts. So, join a team, but the green team will not put some.

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High quality, the contract, to provide you, right to do some, false compensation to you is impossible, because for Durant, the whole season to be able to accept his team will lose to 40 million or even more than 40 million, the price is quite huge, a figure, other people’s salary cap

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James! Group three! Rumor rumor rumor! July 30, 2020

Anthony Davis was given up $4 million, some friends are not optimistic, the Lakers, the group three also don’t think Anthony Davis can give up $4 million, which I think is very dark side.

The team is going to win the championship and win the championship. Right, you can’t do without the three giants. In this era, it’s the era of group giants. In front of Dayi, four million dollars is my grandfather. We have emphasized it twice. Today is the third time. Let’s wait and see. It’s absolutely right. Just listen. We’re called the cobbler. We need to make sure that the hit rate is terrible. This time, the face is puffed up. Cry, have a good time, right? And then look down again. Ah, step by step, we look forward to the front. Today, there are media reports that measure morality will also contact the Los Angeles Clippers and the Raptors. After the opening of the free market, then. And then they said that the Lakers have lost their chance. Of course, I personally think that these sources, whether they are true or not, should not be ignored. But I believe that we will do something about it and make contact with each other. Moreover, it is already happening now. We don’t need to wait for the trading market to open.

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Los Angeles twins keep suspense! July 29, 2020

Speaking of Lillard, Ma said that Lillard has successfully renewed his contract with the Blazers in four years, which is a huge sum of money, 190 million yuan in seven four years. But I didn’t get it wrong. In five years, 190 million, it’s normal. In four years, 190 million US, just discussed with you in the group, Lillard was full of blood and money, right? Well, you care about Lillard, and I believe you know him. He is a typical rich man. He never got the base salary. He never did. His final value in NBA may be in his future career. After playing, he will rush to the first three or two days in history after playing the last few seasons.

Besides, the highest salary ranking in history is Garnett. There is no saying about this. We always know that Garnett has a lot of money. The second is Kobe, ah, the third is Wang Jie. Anyway, James is also one of them. But James, who is not competitive, is also limited to being thin. In your company, XX, Dacheng, right? In recent years, when the wage cap tends to be stable after a big rise, these harden’s, ah, think that their wages will double. But you can see that Lillard is also among the same group of people. Among the same group of people, it is the leader. You can help him calculate if he wins. There’s always a lot of money for the 96 million Lida. Let’s go and have a look. We never stop the invisible rich. Let’s share it with you in the group. Lillard and harden are the same kind of people. They are one kind of people, but the form they show is different. Lillard and harden are different. There are money, money, money, money. This is Hassen’s. compared with Lillard, the characters of the two are different. They are hard pressed and have a strong sense of winning. In face, harden’s has no desire and no desire. Ah, he has no desire for the champion, right? He has no non? Partisan thought.

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In fact, it is still the original team! July 28, 2020

Because of Durant’s injury, this, this, the entire product plan has been broken, ah, the blue nets intercepted Hu ah, in fact, Durant and Owen joined the Brooklyn nets as the second choice. Ah, they didn’t plan for that. Their first choice must be New York. But New York, ah, because of Durant’s serious injury problem, played a retreat. Ah, in hesitation, ah, so they hesitated and hesitated. Well, I went there, but I didn’t see any regrets in New York. It means that they may think so. Durant’s injury is, er, an irreversible fact. Moreover, this product has a great impact on his career. They want to achieve. And Durant has Owen, these two players, plus the third key preparation, the revival is ready to get good results, the nets, he wants to make money, he wants to make fame, ah, he may not need to fight for a good result, so the two teams.

Well, the original intention of the building took place. The original intention of the two teams was different. So it developed into this. Instead, I said that there were quite a lot of Laker fans. There were a lot of netizens and friends who asked us questions. Let’s talk about how to make up for the team now. I said that it was more than 3000 in case of an instant. It’s late. It’s not astronomical. Well, 7788 is almost spent. That’s delaying you, Denny Green Park. It’s yesterday’s volume ratio contract, including today’s one. I remember it’s selling chicken. It seems that you have to rely on your mind and Rondo has signed up, right. I’m in a hurry. I’m not worried at all. These players, as you can see, from July 1 to July 6, these players are the Laker players. They have nothing to do with any team. In other words, they have signed.

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Godala! Holy vote! July 27, 2020

We are more concerned about the thunder team, Paul’s trading direction, may do a second trade. Well, in my personal opinion, the discussion is a little early now. Ah, I don’t think it will be concluded soon. So, take a look. Besides, fortunately, there is no big difference between the transaction and the long time. It does not mean that urgent needs to be dealt with. It does not need to be dealt with in a short time. Yes.

It’s the same thing. It’s OK to have a look. The thunder team also needs to find a good home for the baby. The second one is more important and imminent. What will happen in the near future may also happen before February 1, that is, a wax problem will enter a big wave, so how. It is a player who can be cut off and accepted by some teams. Generally speaking, such a player is a high-quality asset in the league. With high-quality assets, you can pay a very low price to get $2.6 million, and the very low price can be changed to 500. 8 million to 10 million players with ability value bring great help to the championship team. The Grizzlies still want to reduce their team’s salary through trading. Then, the highest salary of the whole grizzly team is one. If it is broken, it is the most correct choice, other players and materials. Do you have, ah, the team needs it, right? The first and the second? Well, some of these players have dozens of fighting capacity and can be trained. In other words, you just have to remember your salary and salary, right? You still have to live, right? The ball still needs to be played by someone, right

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the clippers of the Lakers July 25, 2020

In the future, we’ll see how much the status and ranking of the two teams are. This is more accurate. We don’t need to see the front ones. Or, er, we can simply visit the past. Ah, other teams have been built firmly. We should pay more attention to the 76ers and so on. Let’s take a look at the changes in the new season, the clippers of the Lakers, let’s give time to play. In addition, er, finally, we have to say that this question of rookie Williamson has been mentioned before, right? Well, it was also said in the program.

Hold a conservative attitude, hold a conservative opinion, ah, this, the fact has also proved, ah, such a weight for an athlete is still quite terrible for human beings, right? This one did not take a few months for this Xichang to repeatedly attack, right, um, this Barkley also gave professional advice. Well, to lose weight, or to find a suitable physique for him, to put it simply, is to build. So, for this player, er, people’s hope for him should not be too high. It’s a high probability event to be destroyed or injured, right? Well, let’s see how to protect the skin. If it’s over protected, over protected. Well, the last season, two seasons, that youth time has passed, ah, then there is no best time to cultivate him. So, I think, ah, look, say, Xi’an Nazhen, in order not to be late to have a look

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Three phenomena of the Lakers! July 24, 2020

Today’s several games have been played. Let’s make a comment one by one. The Lakers and the Hornets have completely watched the game. Ah, the other nets and the Spurs. Ah, how much discount they’ve played. Let’s talk about it later. Er, now that the Lakers still have half a minute’s lead to win the game, er, in fact, we have already said that before, ah, and then we can summarize, or say, some of the arguments or observation phenomena to you, clear, confirm, you have a chance to make a record or to keep it in mind. Look, after 82 games or 20 games, let’s see if it’s exactly the same as what we said. Ah, now, when the Lakers play the Hornets, it doesn’t mean that the problem is not typical. Ah, because the Hornets’ team doesn’t mean it can match the Lakers.

Boring, ah, it doesn’t constitute any threat. But if you keep playing, if you keep playing in such a state, any team will not pose a threat to the Lakers. Oh, in the previous programs, we talked about the advantages of the Los Angeles team. Now, he is extremely powerful inside. You have a good view of the Lakers and whether they will be the League after playing this season. The teams with the most blocked shots, ah, Howard, Anthony Davis, and McKee, ah, if cousins can come back in March and April of the season, that is, there is no one of the strongest inside lines in the league. There is no dispute that the strongest inside line has dominated the inside line in the past decade.

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Think too much are scars! July 23, 2020

So how to evaluate the historical status? In fact, we have done these programs in more than 1900 programs, but they are too many. They are buried in them. You may not find them. Ah, let’s talk about them briefly. We have talked about them systematically. We will talk about them now. Ah, you say that when two people have different views and opinions on a certain thing, are they right? They argue fiercely and quarrel with each other. One argument fails to reach the conclusion that everyone can agree with. Either you are right or I am right when it appears.

Ah, who, how can we judge him? In fact, it’s very simple. We need to have an authoritative person who can be recognized by everyone to come and judge whether team a or team B is inclined to a or B. So, this question comes. Many people think that Curie’s historical position is very important. Some people think that curry’s historical position can enter the history of NBA. Ten right people have launched heated discussions and debates. In fact, this kind of discussion and debate is meaningless. First of all, um, the people who are discussing it are meaningless, especially those who argue with her. All of these athletes who are not in the top ten of history do not have the necessary history to discuss. There is no difference between the 11th and the 101st in history, these players. There is no player, there is no difference, so curio is equal to Haden, kurio is equal to Paul curio, equal to weishao, they are about equal to the relationship between who is before and after, there is no significance, then can Curie enter the category and ranks of the top ten in history.

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Owen’s seven games in the article July 22, 2020

I don’t know. In real life, if you die like this, you are alive, right? No, Keats is alive again, right? Sorry to interrupt. Then, the article also mentioned the data of Owen’s seven games in the article, which also means commendation. Then, the problem that bothers Owen and the nets is mainly Owen’s emotional change. In fact, this problem, freedom, is not found now, including that he was in the Cavaliers before, ah, later in the Celtics, and now in the net, right? He will have such a problem, then whether this is the poison in the bottle or after playing this postseason.

In the regular season, we can know whether the cat is dead or alive. The final conclusion of the article is about Owen’s performance in these games or his ability to lead the team. There is no doubt that the article is well written. There are facts and examples to make the thesis clear and there are a lot of quotations. I think it is well written, right. I personally think, ah, from my personal point of view of NBA cobbler, is whether a player has the ability to lead the team. Now obviously, this team is led by Owen. We can see whether it can play the playoffs, whether it is money from the East and the West. This is the only standard. No matter how good it is, it is useless to play too well.

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X is a very dangerous team July 21, 2020

When it comes to XX, you should be very careful when you encounter xx1, that is, try not to encounter it. XX is a very dangerous team. As we all said in the previous programs, this team is neurotic, and it is a superstar, a superstar, these stars, this star is a super spoiler. Stars, right? Super, stars, superstars with neurotic attributes. If you fight with this kind of team, you can’t be a superstar in the first place. Right, if you meet them, all the winning and losing probabilities will be 50%. You can say whether you lose or not, just like playing cards on the surface. I’ll tell you two percentage points. I have a home advantage. I’ll tell you, five percentage points right? I’ll 55 to you 45. I’m your probability. But once you meet this type of team, the winning or losing probability of this type of team directly reaches 50%, don’t say you are a strong team.

It doesn’t matter how much higher than me, because I don’t play according to your routine, right? You can’t understand how I play. XX is such a team. In fact, the clippers were also such a team. The clippers were called the aviation team, the warriors were called the archery team, and the shooting team was right.

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