defending the interests of Harbin August 19, 2020

It’s like you’re going to shine your studs in a football match. Ah, you’re going to fly over, bright stud. As long as you shine the stud, no matter you, shovel, no shovel, pour right, no matter whether you find out or not, you are a foul, you will eat fat, you are in the football game, you go, steal, the opponent, whether you are miserable or not, you only need to be behind you, you just need to be in the back. You are a red card if you put down the opponent after the points. Right, the harm you cause is immeasurable. So when an athlete flies, it is strictly forbidden to touch him. When he is flying, you are strictly forbidden to touch him. Let alone the space for him to land when you knock him down in the process of analysis.

It also caused a major accident, so it is said that the friends are talking about this harden fan, defending the interests of Harbin, ah, denouncing ha, Dong’s porcelain bumping and cheating fouls. I feel that the fabric should be bigger than before, and focus on the pointer for Haden. So, you two fans, ah, you can’t talk about any substantive issues, you need to expand the scope of this kind of fouls, you need to expand to the whole league, as long as there is one blow, there is a blow, you fly up the front. If you hit an opponent, you have to foul. If you two players, ah, are in this position is a fixed vertical take-off situation, ah, hands and so on, then it doesn’t matter, right? Do you blow or don’t blow to cut off the split referee, right? As long as they can’t fly past and hit the opposite hand even if it is. Put on a song, ah, this foot, ah, ah, you hit you, you are also a foul, you are a vertical foul, right? Because you have lost the defensive position, according to the principle, you should follow, close to the defensive player, right? Follow him, right? You fly up, you have no defensive position, you are gambling

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Jimmy Butler and know his personality August 18, 2020

We don’t say it’s individualism, or we can say that he’s individualistic. His personality is extremely bank oriented. If someone calls him a wrong name, he’s taboo to correct him. If it’s us, the Chinese won’t be like this. If foreign coaches, teachers, you, ah, as long as the Chinese call Yao Ming, ah, wrong, Yao Meng, Yao Ming will certainly not deny it on the spot, or say it is public. It was absolutely impossible to do it, right? When the news media interviewed him. He will also play for the coach, ah, she may have made a mistake, right or wrong, so she will never operate like Jimmy Butler. We need to know about Jimmy Butler and know his personality through this thing. We have said for a long time that Jimmy Barthes is such a player. He plays from the bottom and he plays from the bottom.

You should have enough respect for him. He wins respect in every game. So, oh, we see that I look at things and analyze problems. Ah, we should grasp the key points. Other things are meaningless, right? For this kind of crisis public relations. James, boxer and so on. I think it’s ironic when I put it forward. You see, I haven’t discussed it too much

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in the Eastern District August 17, 2020

The Rockets now, this team, ah, unlike last year’s team, you can also defend with warriors, ah, the third position, above, the number of people, lack of people, right? All of these players are the top, not the next one, can not be used, but flow to the regular season.

Yes, if you play in the playoffs, you still can’t do without three points. Defense can’t keep up with it. Defense doesn’t look like, uh, this, Ariza, like a tank. Ah, we can keep pace with it. Now we’ve said zero Meng, but you always want to go up. You want to go up, go to climb, high, right? The third position must be a very important position. Everyone is hoarding the third position. Go and have a look. The teams with good League results have strong teams. These three positions are very strong, except for the Rockets. We say that the Rockets are excluded. But there are netizens who have to say that there is no western region, ah, the Nuggets have no blazers, no, there are no more excellent ones, yes, there are, but they are not so excellent, right? In addition, um, there are no rockets. Are you not talking nonsense? Yes, so I tell you, these teams can’t beat the warriors. Just because the No.3 position is not good enough, isn’t it? It’s because of them. Look at these positions in the East, one is better than the other, and the other is easier to use. So I feel that the teams in the East are better than those in the west to challenge the warriors.

Maybe, in the Eastern District, you have been to 123 rounds, you have been to 123 rounds in the seven parts, and you have been to one of them. So, when we say that rockets hit warriors, God can only bless us. Victory and goddess of victory, goddess of luck, absolutely, stand on the side of rockets

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Nuggets fight against the bright top! August 15, 2020

The Raptors team is still questioned? Many netizens said that it is a fake strong team, I don’t know where I am, right? Every year, James is selected every year, then you should know that the James Cavaliers are the finals team, the championship team, the team lost to the finals team lost to the Championship. What’s so embarrassing about table tennis players? You can ask other fans, Rocket fans, thunder fans, ah, ask Celtic fans, do you think Celtic fans feel disgraced? Lose to, Cavaliers lose to, warriors feel ashamed? I don’t think I don’t think James leads the Cavaliers to sweep away raptors in the two-year semi-final, for a year. East, final, sweep, Mao mother’s day hit is very likely to play the finals, may also go to play the eastern finals, in recent years, the record is brilliant, ah, how to call the pseudo strong team, can not play the finals is called the pseudo strong team, then the rocket team is also a pseudo strong team, except for the warriors, the teams are relatively strong teams. Can you understand that, except for James Durante Curry’s team, other teams are stronger teams. If you kill one shot, you will kill a boat of people, and a group of people will be killed. Only a few are left, right? All the other players and teams are in the river and calling for help

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Rockets are crazy! August 14, 2020

Finally, we get the experience and.

The lesson is also different. When you go to watch this game, what we said in the previous program was right. There was nothing wrong with the discussion with a friend of ours and a senior basketball fan. Before I watched the game, he told me how the intuitive feeling was about the changes on the table. In the last issue, there were prizes in the program. Ah, that’s exactly right. Now the Rockets are like this. It’s very simple to play with you, to bet your life on the outside line, to play with you. He doesn’t want to get in two points. He often doesn’t want to enter. Directly is to play with you three-thirds, the first 50-3-50, 50, ah, you can introduce the Rockets can ah, you now win, have the level, give a thumbs up, right, defense, try your best, defend the real top man, try your best to defend, just take all the people who attack. Physical fitness is focused on defense. Save all these weights, defend with all your strength, and reduce the overall hit rate of the warriors. We say, ah, there is something wrong with the ball. There is something wrong with the warriors. Now everything has to fall into a strange circle.

Everyone, the substitute players, ah, the performance of the substitutes is very poor. First of all, we said that the substitutes of warriors are not bad. The key is that these players do not have the right to take the shot. Without the right to take the shot, they can not accumulate data. Without data, they can not reflect the ability of these players. Is that right? The second and the most important point is that the final five giants, in the regular season, actually take up a lot of hands. The five giants, ah, five people, go on the field and score 101 points. I remember correctly, ah, thin field, 101 points.

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Xiao Wei’s price is in place August 13, 2020

James, you can control everything, coach. Now remember to be an assistant, coach or, if you have a thin stomach, you can teach everywhere, and you can also be a head coach. The main thing is, if you look at James’s first book, whether you nod or not, it mainly depends on James. Er, in this case, the coach will be the core of the country. Everything, so now it depends on James’ choice, ah, in the end, sibodu or this, remember or, tyronlu, now talking about the contract, talking about the deadlock or looking for the next head coach, it’s OK, just money. Xiao Wei’s price is in place. Ah, how can his attitude return to the Laker? Many Laker fans and James fans like him very much. I don’t know why. Ah, I can’t understand why such a puppet coach’s League grabs a lot of things at random. Well, this is OK, that’s OK anyway. There’s no value. These coaches are worthless, you know, but we have to say that if you really want to build a good team, you want to build a winning team, right? You can think about it. Journalists can think about it.

Sibo, Du, ah, because siebodou has the ability to catch Jimi Butler, and Kidd also has the ability to catch him. Blocking kunmo depends on how you think about the idea of the Los Angeles team. I think it’s very simple to seize Talon Lu, right? It can’t be sucked. I can get it. As an assistant coach, I think it’s very beautiful to work, right? But people can’t breathe. Or if a reporter can catch Jimmy Butler and other subjects of letters, why do you need to be an assistant coach? It’s not very happy. It’s not true. The contract, ah, the assistant coach, the head coach, and the supporters of the head coach still have variables.

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Tyro Altman on stage! August 12, 2020

The Raptors and the 76ers, I’m almost finished the game. I should count it after finishing the game. The 76ers lead by nearly 20 points in the last three days. Ah, I can’t catch up with you in the fourth quarter. Contradiction, ah, loss of a good game, ah, ah, how to say, defense, careless, their own attack is a mess, every quarter, behind each quarter, played 20 points 20 points, that is not their own level, right? 20 points 56 points, then almost 30 points is not possible, ah, wait to see the grab seven wonderful. No matter how big the NBA is, I can’t afford to be hurt. Ah, ah, ah, it’s another thing today. Heyward, ah, I heard that I’m inflamed because it’s aimed at losing. The Celtic team ended the game.

All your sincere rest as like as two peas, and the interview that I have interviewed. Hey, I said, harden, this is the best time to get the championship this year. Er, and our idea is exactly the same. I think so too. This opportunity is really too rare. Durant is injured. After the Rockets, ah, I believe that 80% of my fans think that the Rockets can reach the top of the U.S. and win the championship. If they pass, the warriors, the Lakers, the Nuggets or the Blazers, the difficulty coefficient of this difficulty is not mostly simple. Ah, for so long, it is mainly to play some teams in the East. Don’t think that the Eastern team is now.

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If Anthony Davis is introduced August 11, 2020

This is not a crossing. It’s a fact. Driving, driving, thinking about action, action, thinking, Anthony Davis wants to form three giants and four giants, but other players, ah, will be implicated, so in this case. I don’t think it’s good to protect Owen once he leaves the Celtic team. I don’t think there’s any idea. If Anthony Davis is introduced, he won’t be competitive in the East, and there will be a lot of loss. Who is willing to follow him when he changes. Well, Anthony Davis, almost willing to change with you, ah, I don’t want to sign a contract with Jimmy Butler. He’s too rusty to pack up. Then what else does the Celtics have to compete for the eastern championship. Let’s talk about it. If we have the chance, we can go and see how the Celtic team has changed greatly this year. I really want to know how the mortgage has changed. Let me see how the Steven coach is. Ah, this is all-out.

The Celtics came back from the dead. Ah, last year, they played the eastern finals, the year before last, they played the eastern finals last year. The first round of this year’s finals was eliminated. Next year, how to deal with this tattered Celtic team with many problems? You know, there are only a few years. It’s only two or three years. Well, from such a peak team to the bottom, next year we’ll see how the Celtics operate this summer.

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Pelican unexpected joy! August 10, 2020

The game between the warriors and the Blazers started in the third quarter. Ah, the warriors are more than ten points ahead. Ah, I really feel that I can’t endure my own driving time. It’s against my heart. I don’t think the Blazers can compete with the warriors. Durant is the best warrior in the game. It’s a good way for Durant to play the best in the game. Well, the second thing today is also a very important part. Er, now, the fragrance has come out. The pelicans have won the first prize, the Grizzlies have won the top spot, and the Rockets have got the number four. Ah, so all the things are around Anthony.

There was another transaction. One thing was that it was a little complicated. It could not be explained clearly in one sentence or two sentences. Moreover, new changes have taken place in the situation. The unexpected changes include, um, quasi champion. Now, ah, yes, I don’t want to go to the teapot team or I don’t do a good job. Going to the West Lake to prepare this kind of news to come out, so this matter, as well as the change is very complicated

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He, the warriors, curry Thompson August 8, 2020

Durant has been here for three years. Ah, the resistance of six players has never changed for ten thousand years. So his lineup is very good and skilled. If you want to beat or defend this line-up, if he attacks, if you don’t have the ability of individual defense. Defense, tacit understanding. We say that attack needs tacit understanding and cooperation, and defense also needs tacit understanding and cooperation. If you don’t have a set of players, there is no four to five, five to six, a complete, one component, and a long defensive lineup for quite a long time. You, go, treat, warriors, you can’t defend this team at all. He, the warriors, curry Thompson, green, play the offensive routines together. The attack pattern is changeable. His attack way covers each other and covers each other. Running position is confusing. First, it’s confusing. Second, it’s deceptive. It’s not only confusing you, but also deceiving you. So, er, we said we should defend the warriors’ attacking style now.

From, routines, ah, this, ah, the infinite amplification of the team’s ability, ah, this, once the warriors, ah, it’s quite difficult, so it’s not dongla, a group of Greece, a group of three giants will be able to beat, warriors think it’s not like this, we should make a good in-depth study of it. Go deep and study the weakness of the Warriors team and the real weakness of the warriors

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