Rocket sells Capella September 25, 2020

A netizen is very enthusiastic and has been leaving us a message about whether the Rockets are possible. Ah, Wright Gordon, the contract of Capella, the exchange ability, Davis may have everything. It’s a matter of probability. Davis is willing to go or not, ah, the championship, the lineup, it must be no problem, but you have to know, if the Rockets attend these lineups, Gordon waiter will be thrown away, and the contract will be dropped. So, is Ka and bell a four-year 45 year four-year contract or a five-year contract? Does it include, eh. As well as Paul’s, the three person structure is the lineup of the three giants. If you trade cabella in advance, Anthony Davis, after coming for two years, whether he can still sign with you is a problem. In other words, Capella’s super value contract in the next two years may have been gone.

Among them, Anthony Davies, in this one to two-year contract, this is a problem, the second point is to provide right, is willing to accept this matter, cabella’s contract for four years, if we don’t say, then all house arrest, then Gordon and Wright will still play with this season. Well, almost renewing the contract is a problem again

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the NBA’s acclimatization September 23, 2020

As the head coach, oh, as the head coach, as a substitute coach, as an assistant coach, we don’t count. I tell you, Popovich has a lot of assistant coaches. Uncle 7788 and I have more than a dozen of me, but I can’t name them. I want to pass the ban from Popovich, right? It’s not old. What kind of coach, puppet, coach, has any ability. What, talent, Blatter played in Europe, I played a good ah, change to this, the NBA’s acclimatization ah can’t look at, plus, we all know, Liu guidance I think is still a relatively good ah, can adapt to this kind of ah, know how to bend and stretch, he has nothing. Right? That’s the first point, right? You have to have different opinions with the team’s boss, the superstar at that time. Right? You played a few games, ah, you played several games in the finals. James, it’s more than enough to be a coach. I’ll tell you, but he won’t do it. You’ll have to practice this later.

It’s hard at first. It’s really hard. There’s not much money, right? With such a large amount of business, tens of millions, hundreds of millions, is the business right? Don’t you want to make millions of dollars a year, coach? Right? You have to be a puppet coach, right? Super, Mingxing, that’s right. Superstars can talk to coaches. Do you understand. Super, star, privilege, that is, too many coaches.

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Carmelo Anthony was called September 22, 2020

I just saw it at three o’clock in the morning, and I revealed that the bulls were going to lay off Carmelo. Anthony couldn’t find me not to play. It was just at this time that Carmelo Anthony was called. In fact, Anthony didn’t even play in the last ten games and eight games. That’s too much to do with it. If you want money, you’ll sign it. If you don’t, you’ll never sign it. Because Carmelo Anthony’s contract is rubbish contract. Basically, there’s no club. At most, it’s just to take it back and sell jerseys. That’s what it means. Now, it’s still because of other things. Do you need this contract, Carmelo Anthony? What kind of contract is about three-party transactions among some teams, ah, to fill in the difficulties and problems in the contract, and to install some contracts to supplement and fill in the gaps.

Almost, that’s what it means. So now it seems that there is no team and the bulls in contact with this matter. Ah, then we can dismantle it smoothly and don’t wait any longer. How come the second message is about Anthony, ah, after the media broke out, there was still one. Maybe it is basically certain to reach a contract extension with the Lakers. This time, we will elaborate our personal views. Ah, in fact, we have said before that whether Carmelo Anthony will come to the Los Angeles team. We all said in our previous programs that we just forgot when to say it. You have to go over it.

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the Laker fans should look forward September 21, 2020

The level difference and the low level are really amazing. So I think, um, can the exchange ask for four first round signings. I just give you four first round signings. It’s worth keeping one or two young players, right? Take out the whole team and add the first round. You can either change it or change it quickly, right? Give this matter down right now, or you can.

You can’t help but watch the rhythm, right? Er, now, the Lakers, the whole nation, self-defense, all of these players are put on the shelf, all of them are defending. This is a very bad signal. So, the Laker fans should look forward to the fast trade. Nanning, I personally think that if he can’t come, James will be very tired in the second half of the season. Ah, when he wants to play the playoffs, he doesn’t play a good role in the internship. In addition, with Anthony Davis, it doesn’t play a good role, but it plays a bad role. Basically. Well, we’ll see

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the Rockets have completed step by step September 19, 2020

This, all star level similar, players, now, Gordon can’t go up, right, Wright directly, plus the first round all changed to the chest special No. 3 position, um, is completed, the Rockets have completed step by step, according to our expectations, ah, there are still today. This, the cycle, ah, the season, the first period, the class and the fans have to say, how about collecting? Can we take the place of the coffee substitute? We said that there is no chance, no chance at all. The cycle doesn’t work at all. We have no taboo, although it’s Chinese, right? We hope he can play well.

We have no taboo. We never boast about it. If you can’t play well, it’s not good. You’ve been fired, torn down, you’re going to CBA to play and stay in Liaoning team, right? One thing after another has never happened, there’s no accident. Right? So many programs can be watched and listened to, right. Don’t be wrong. Other teams also said yes. Of course, we said a little less, not as much as the Rockets, because the Rockets had a lot of problems, the first in the League last year, and a lot of problems this year, so we analyzed and compared them a little more. We also said that the other teams were basically close to each other. Well, what’s more, I can tell you very, very responsibly this season that Gordon is bound to stay in the team. Ah, there are still eight hours without trading. If we finish this year, we have to stay in the team. We can see that Gordon has a contract of 20 million yuan, and a contract of 20 million yuan is worth more than 20 million yuan. If it’s less than 20 million, I’ll give you a long contract and sign it. Ah, it’s very important. I’m sorry. For Hardon Paul, Gordon is too important, too important. To supplement the impact of harden and Paul, in case the playoffs can’t be played, the following playoffs will happen.

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the rocket team’s operation September 15, 2020

Murray’s packaging is very good, ah, the back, the hard back, the hardback, and so on, the packaging is very good, but the actual effect, the actual function is very poor, the actual function is very poor, so the Anderson transaction said it was approved. The team got it from Wright and Chris. After Wright’s trading, he added a first round signing. Champert and other two losers, two scum. The player cleaned up the scum player and then tied up the first round. You should remember that he tied up a handwheel.

I don’t remember if I don’t protect it. In other words, he, come on, shanbott used Anderson to add a first round signature to exchange for a model. Anderson’s passing away was to use a first round autograph and a four wheel rim, which could be changed from the king, but it didn’t succeed at that time. Well, no matter how bad it is, a first round signing would also like to throw Anderson out, but this year has not been successful, this thing can not be done this year, ah, in this case, a first round plus a first round signing is at least 1.5 first round signing in exchange for Dexiang. Porter only has 1.5 first round signings for the project. I would like to ask you. Therefore, the rocket team’s operation is not to reduce, but to strengthen a front line lineup, so save money, return to the matter, is inadvertently cut down, we will save

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curry favour by claptrap! September 14, 2020

If you can’t dunk, you can’t talk about efficiency. Ah, don’t be a dunk, because you can’t make 30 dunks in every game. Yes, for example, our CBA players take a simple example. If you go to the CBA Bureau and look at the dunks in the all star game, you can’t make two dunks, the third and the fourth can’t be buckled in. That’s the most intuitive performance. Ask the players who play basketball and the players who play basketball on the court how many buckles you can make.

I haven’t turned over this article for a long time. Let’s talk about this, er, now, harden’s passive skill is what we call, ah, what the author said, um, this foul making and foul making, but his passive skill turns into an active skill to score points. Ah, well, after the tactical changes on the court, ah, the efficiency of three-point is higher. Ah, forced to throw out of the three-point line, and then it becomes an active skill, and develops an active skill. Speaking of this matter, so now Paul George and harden are such athletes. So, now, playing well is, er, looking at the league, it is to point out to you that such a player or such a playing method is the supreme realm of basketball, which is the essence and mystery of basketball. I will make a comment on this matter. In my opinion, I think first of all, I would like to talk about Paul George. Paul George is not his course. He is an athlete who starts from defense. His offensive ability is developed from the day after tomorrow. This should be clear and clear

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Mark Antony put it September 12, 2020

We’ve talked about 40% shooting rate and 50% shooting rate. There is no difference between the four kinds of stones and the five kinds of stones. The problem is that one more ball can be found anywhere. The key is to drive teammates to score. This is very important. Let’s take a look at Anthony. When did Mark Antony put it? Hick Butner said it was a story. We always felt that, ah, cluttered ah, he should play as a substitute, which was his right choice. Finally, cabella, together with Gordon II, harden, Paul ertak and announced that this should be a set of main line-up of the houvaliod river. Well, Gordon should play the substitute. This should be the right way for the Rockets to play in the playoffs. I can’t wait to see it. Er, it seems that Gordon’s starting efficiency is very low. The shooting rate of consecutive games is all the same.

If you don’t come back, ah, the problem won’t come because of the lack of the lineup. Right now, er, there are some new players introduced. Ah, Gordon still changes the main starting force. I think there is something wrong with this position. Ah, it is to verify what things are playing in the world. This is unknown. We can’t understand the operation of the master. Ah, of course, it must be for the sake of the team. Think about it again. Today, the warriors blazers

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Eastern champion? September 11, 2020

That is to carry out the whole process. Ah, it can be used in the playoffs. Ah, it’s equivalent to this. If you imagine that Lopez, who plays in the playoffs and doubles, is combined with this kind of interior line combination of mirotich, how terrible two are there in the attack? High battery tank car with anti-aircraft guns standing on the surface of aliens. Waiting for the three-point chance, you have a lot of 3-by-78 three-point shooting rate. There are about 2.5 hits in the field. This is a fatal blow. In basketball, the theory is often called “no solution”. You have no restraint. Ah, unless you all attack the outside line, you attack the outside line and those structures are sung by letters.

Middleton, bradeso and others break through. If you don’t have a big team to defend, if you don’t have a big brother to negotiate with, at the same time, you should pull out your two inside players, ah, carry out containment. Then your, those are basically full of holes, which will be broken and projected by these players. A player kills, flies, the breakthrough of alphabet song, Middleton, and bradeso, which is not too thick, so there is no need to say. Ah, bradeso is also a player who is good at breaking through, and his physical quality is relatively good. The only disadvantage is that his height is too short, so your big brother is not. As like as two peas in the game, as like as two peas in the game, there is no height limit, no height difference, so the Bucks team is quite advanced and quite clear. Hit the back, encounter a strong team of this kind of probability, ah, can be forced to pull, Wuchen even if I, poor you, a little I can pull, 50%

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Magic Johnson also came out September 10, 2020

Anthony Davis couldn’t get them. He broke the hearts of these young players, which made the young players not know how to play now, such as playing well or not. Ah, a failed season. It was the Lakers who couldn’t play the postseason this year. A failed season can also be said to be a failed season for James. He didn’t control the team well. James has the ability to control the team. He didn’t do well in the Laker team. These stupid and stupid managers, the stupid coach, are definitely worried about their level and are worth their money. Er, the Magic Johnson also came out, Liping Wharton and so on. Three dimensional Wharton is, ah, Wharton, we are very supportive of her. How can we do it? Far back, when James was with the heat, it was just the beginning of a season. I didn’t play very well. In the first half of the way, I lost ten games and lost several layers of income. Maybe after playing 20 games, it would be enough to pull the victory back to 50%. At that time, many fans asked spo to leave school, but Patricia supported it.

I said that I would never come out. I would not be able to come out. I would never coach the heat live to thunder. So, Sibo’s return visit also brought back two championships and two runners up. What did patrelli do at that time? Let’s have a look at Magic Johnson. How to do this? Of course, there is still a gap between Wharton’s and spoe’s data. In 2006, erspo also assisted patelli to win the championship. He won the Mavericks’ Basketball Championship as an assistant coach. If I remember correctly, it should be assistant coach or analyst spo. Take a look at the 2006 finals

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