Because he knew that only in this way could she get more and more attention from others October 31, 2020

Not only training, but also training harder than others, because he knew that only in this way could she get more and more attention from others. Lisa learned that she chose to train hard every summer because boxing was his.

Personal interests, but also because of the need to maintain their competitive state, there is also an important reason is not included in the all star incident, exciting, he did not have his background was selected into the all star lineup, Lillard also complained.

I think of myself as an all-star player, but obviously the coaches don’t think so, and what distinguishes Lillard from other lip players is that he responds in the way he is used to and in the best way. After that, he scored a career high 51 points and led the team to 137-100 in the first game after the all star game.

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The role it plays can not be compared with that of curry

And it’s a kind of personality enlightenment to not get the finals MVP. Compared with igordala, it’s really good for the General Bureau. The final has changed, and it has made great contributions. However, the role it plays can not be compared with that of curry. Ah, as the core of the team, she must play well and win the game.

The relationship between victory and defeat depends on the core of the team to decide the match directly. First of all, this kind of game can make people remember deeply. Mm-hmm. Peter is the same, ah, the 76ers, just, hope, this NBA, don’t expect anyone, don’t expect to get, the main Simmons, this Harris, you expect them all to lie down, right?

You also need to point out that the NBA can play this game well. The key point of tactics is that only if he has played the 76ers well, it will be meaningful to win the game. Therefore, the game depends on whether the NBA has broken out. Even if the game is lost, every ball must have her come to him.

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James is the best player October 30, 2020

James is the best player in the talk, talking about how to defend LeBron James is David fitzdale coach put forward a new one.

Focus, first of all, you have to have power, power to compete, and then you have to be a man of faith, because you may need to pray, to have hope, against James, fitzdale said, 32 year old James.

Once again, epic level, performance, the first two games series were 4-0 sweeps, and he contributed 3034.4 points, 9.0 rebounds, 7.1 assists, 2.1 steals, 1.5 blocks, with a shooting rate of 55% and 55.7% of three-point shots.

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It can be imagined that these two people

However, she put up to atmosphere in the first place to sign, count a few number one, right? You can play in the playoffs, ah, this goal is really a very small goal, is really a small, small, small, target, ceramic, microcrystalline, silk double champion, double innovation and double exploration flower. Double top, right? You have to stock up on this team, right? We can only play the playoffs by Jamie Butler, ah, and barely reach the eighth place in the playoffs.

It can be imagined that these two people? We don’t talk about their ability. We have problems with each other. I always think there is something wrong with Wiggins. He doesn’t mean that in terms of personal ability, but on the psychological level, he will be traded when he enters the league, and then he will be abandoned.

Like an abandoned baby, he will be homeless. I thought, with the Cavaliers and James, they can join hands to change the old and the new. James Dai’s Venice will impact the playoffs and reach the finals. If you win the championship, you will be traded. If you want to exchange Loew with Timberwolves, you can say how bad his ability is. Right? Young, players can be cultivated. From his current point of view, his ability is OK, but his playing attitude is very problematic. Then such a player will play for a few years if not.

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All have brilliant performance in the playoffs October 29, 2020

Some, players, you put in front of me, I can’t remember for a moment, but I have to consult, you know, who are the players, right? Two familiar, face, strong, team, the playoff teams, all have brilliant performance in the playoffs, for you, play in the playoffs you can be noticed.

You always linger outside the playoffs, unless you are the absolute core of the team, then we must, must, take good care of, right, that kind of sidelines, ah, not necessarily the main line-up, I do not have to say clearly, unless, look special, handsome, right, special, handsome, so no way ah. Well, I have to look at you more, both eyes appear.

In addition, the leftovers, the problem is basically that we can’t all know each other well. Well, this is the case. Let’s really let Maggie Chris know it. Then we have to say the full name and make a fire of this. Then push things down. You can push things to everyone. How can you push things? Right, winter 7 is a superstar of the future League. Ah, it’s a huge cash cow. I tell you, it’s a loss to the NBA, ah, a loss.

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It will be a long process of reconstruction October 28, 2020

Two years ago, I don’t know. Michael, we can stop it. She has been through the ordeal of injury, but she hasn’t been knocked down by the injury. Instead, she is more and more frustrated and courageous. She keeps learning and becoming stronger. This is a scoring player, but she has been thinking about it for the past two years.

His parents and Lilly lard and others learned how to control the ball. Now he is ready and it is time to prove that he is there. Mclem is like Phoenix Nirvana. At that time, the 12 season Trail Blazers are also impressive. Many people make many people think that they are pioneers.

With the loss of four starters, they will go through a long reconstruction process, and may even miss the playoffs for several years. However, under the leadership of Lillard and mcclem, they have become the biggest black horse in the Western regular season last season, with the fifth in the West.

In the playoffs, the first round of the Blazers were restricted to fight all the way to the semi-finals before being eliminated by the warriors. I always know one thing, that is, I can be famous in the NBA, which means I don’t know.

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It doesn’t matter because you took bertans as a tactic and classic

In the end, it was killed by the pioneers. However, the funding C was better than that of the pioneers, and the Nuggets still stood at the top of the west, ah, the top two, so we need to study. As he told me, if the nuggets can get it, don’t be too self-conscious.

If the Lakers are willing to take bertans, it’s natural that they should not pay too much attention to this. They can also, can’t, er, if they can change a bad thing, they don’t care too much about not changing business. It doesn’t matter because you took bertans as a tactic and classic, didn’t you? Then you gave up your pants, as well as their athletic ability and athletic ability, and the team with the ability of running without the ball. Can I see the pants now? Are you energetic? Willing to do these things? Other teams.

Among the players’ teams, other players play standing, sitting and leaning against each other, so I feel that, ah, the Nuggets’ dabertans is more difficult and difficult than paying the first round, signing, and the price net’s return. The price of the first round signing is really too heavy, which side of the meeting signing the first round is uneasy.

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The gap between dynasties October 27, 2020

From New Zealand to Philadelphia 760, they won three championships. Wilt Chamberlain broke the rule of Boston and won the second championship. Julius Owen and Moses Carmelo won the third and third championship ring in six years.

The Houston Rockets and you have an appointment with the Knicks, both of which have won a short Spring Festival Gala in the long history of the NBA, but they won two championships respectively. In the 1970 finals, wells Reed’s heroic fighting with injuries helped the Knicks beat the Lakers 4-3. In New York, the influence of New York was the first championship. Three years later, Jerry Lucas and Black Pearl Earl Earl were the first Monroe, together for New York to win the second NBA championship ring together.

Michael Jordan retired from the Rockets for the first time in 1994 and between 1995 and two years. Olajuwon and Olajuwon made full use of this opportunity to bring two championship rings to Houston.

And between the dynasties, there were teams that won a flash of glory, Washington Bullets, St. Louis eagles, Portland Trailblazers, and Seattle supersonic burners. Mozi’s Rochester Royal and Miami, the heat are such lucky people.

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Otherwise the teams are frequently involved in singles to cut into singles

In itself, his attack is limited. It has been said that the Celtic team has played him well, everything is good, but his offensive ability is very limited. Even now Tatum’s average number of shots per field has increased significantly, but the attack is still not. After a few good bursts of balls and a few ball checks, walker can not fill this vacancy.

Still, the old problem, ah, or a very big old problem is that there is no good organizer, really need a good organization, handbag, attack, otherwise the teams are frequently involved in singles to cut into singles. If you have the ability to singles, ah, you have this kind of super talent, ah, for example, ah, the young people of ah min team, he has the ability of singles and is super strong. Right, it can be played. It can score high points, including the two little guards of the Grizzlies.

Well, Morant and Brooks have joined the team to train. These players are still more talented in attacking, or are they better at it. In fact, they are mainly with the coach. Relationship, coach, benefit from this kind of play, benefit from this kind of play, ah, let the players so big, the Grizzlies’ average rounds per game is ranked 123, and their attack ability is also fair. Ah, in these five or six games, we can see that all the five or six balls are hit to about 120.

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Thunder can play back and become a very excellent team in the West October 23, 2020

Reconstruction is fast, so, the nets is also an excellent example, right? Have a good grasp of Owen, ah, Durant and the team will be able to play in the playoffs, now no Durant can play in the eastern part of this six seven position, Durant came back smoothly, after discussion, it is also a team in the East. The winner, ah, of course, we have to consider the issue of life. Let’s play at that time. Well, for the thunder team, for him, there is only one way to rebuild, that is, the draft right, the cultivation of young players. But this is his advantage.

Thunder, the team is very good at cultivating young players. The players in the team, culture, machine a, as long as you play in the thunder, you can see a positive, hard-working, hard-working, ah, all of these players go out, we don’t know, but anyway, it’s in the thunder team that all reflect such a spirit. A good team, so the process of his overthrow and reconstruction should be very short, very short, three years. Thunder can play back and become a very excellent team in the West. Now, the more excellent and outstanding team is, the Mavericks, for the Mavericks.

In my opinion, we should make full use of the contract, but we can’t give the contract to some teams, which shows the incompetence and confusion of management. For example, next year, we say that the Mavericks have a good chance, and now we say they have a good chance to take delivery. No, England, don’t say you look good at this team.

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