To fight and have no confidence to win October 22, 2020

Right, is the first one not good? Is it not good for jinbart? Wait for this one? Is it not good? Is it not excellent? So I still think that Tang poetry or Wiggins have no will to fight and have no confidence to win. People are there every day. They are here.

They are really disgusting. They really hate them. They hate them. Ah, they don’t talk about them. If they don’t mention them, they just say what they are. Now, even if you trade here, there is no real significance in Lhasa. Your help is not huge, or you rely on this lineup. If you want to play the playoffs, you don’t change your attitude, you don’t change your scarves, you’re suitable, you’re prevaricating.

You can’t make any achievements. Or you’ve got to kill Russell for the contribution fee. Ah, Russell, it’s not easy to build up the confidence and mix with you two. It’s over. Lhasa won’t accept it. Let me give you a big question mark. You’re going to hang out with Wiggins, don’t you think there’s a future? Second, let’s talk about the warriors. I don’t want to see you off. Lhasa, I think this news is true. It’s new. It’s in line with his requirements now.

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If this matter is true October 21, 2020

You need to see how many times he has shot, how many times he has played, how many times he has played, how many physical confrontations there are some players who go to play.

He is very relaxed. Ray, Anna’s one by one, the ball is by his own body, he is not such a player is to catch and shoot, ah, this big, no demand player, he is to embroider the ball in the hand and hold the ball in the hand, moreover, a large amount of muscle frog muscle hydriding sclerosis rumors.

It may also be that, after verifying the previous statement, the frequent rotation has to make people associate, so, ah, if this matter is true, then your current operation, your current management and your current response are all wrong. I will say so. Second, the clippers, if there are no players to introduce or replace or strengthen the lineup, then just rely on this lineup to play now is not enough time. Paul George and Leonard have too little time to play at the same time. I have always stressed that this is too little.

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The team is relatively easy to play October 20, 2020

The teams in the off-duty division, we said, the teams in the second half of the season may be the Mavericks, the thunder and some other teams. If the Spurs can also play in, I think if the Spurs can also play in, they can also become a research object, so where to go after work.

The army is, has the real strength, he has the first half of the season, the strength, and, to Sevan in the second half of the season, but in the end, whether he can rush to the fourth and fifth, I don’t know. Well, we’ll see then, OK, then work, the division? We said that only the Nuggets, only the Nuggets, is a slightly weaker team.

However, the team is relatively easy to play, in the first half of the season, those teams ah, after work, it is best not to encounter thunder, to meet the Mavericks is the most happy, so if Grizzlies can come in to play Grizzlies, then thunder, the team is, in the second half of the season, I think the strongest team, then the troublemakers play the thunder team, in fact, is the strongest team. Well, yes, ah, the winning rate of missiles against the last strong team is 50%. Although it seems to be a reversal, a counterattack, ah and so on, in fact, the missile pairs often have such short-circuit phenomenon, and they also have the situation of insufficient power supply and overload power supply. He often does this, so don’t study it.

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Let’s choose an important game to talk about October 19, 2020

let’s choose an important game to talk about, is now in progress, the game on the Spurs captain teapot Team Challenge experience today Williamson appeared. Finally came back.

Ah, before that, it was the knee problem. I believe everyone already knew that I didn’t do the communication report. I mainly talked about the ball played for a quarter and a half. According to my understanding, I saw this. Ah, this was so.

The first show was so bland, and I didn’t see any way. It gave me an intuitive feeling of playing NBA. We don’t need to talk about Kobe, right?

Other pre-season games and so on. Mm-hmm, this College League, etc. I haven’t seen it. To be honest, I haven’t seen it. I don’t have any observation. I’ll talk about the matter through this game. I’ll talk about my personal feelings. I feel like this player.

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His height made him in the little Beaded cottage October 16, 2020

Let’s see, thank you. How many times have you appeared? It’s really a magical day. Whose chat record? If you want to know more, you can feel that the world is real. Almost all of them are very wonderful couplets. It is no exaggeration to say that where is mom? All of them are some.

Dida group coffee coffee, are you a loser? An important player who won the championship in 1314 season, a rope appeared in the guard player. His height makes him like coffee very much in the little Pearl sugar coated cottage. He really bothers to say that they are 13 years ahead of schedule.

If, you give it a one-time coffee, coffee, he said he would be drunk, aunt, all the differences are so simple ah back door. In, got, like the 34th bar, his fans affectionately called it look, he only had three pairs of shoes.

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He also became the youngest 30000 October 14, 2020

Kobe can become the first player in NBA history to score goals on the same team. Those are your risky dreams. In addition, the second thing is about us, you call it the 90th Oscar.

The award ceremony in a grateful favorite basketball won the best animated short film award, hoping the opposite direction, the third rocket won. It was five more victories and the first regular season championship in the league and the Western Conference. My world is also praiseworthy this year.

One of the more common things I record is about our little emperor LeBron James James, who has surpassed Jordan in 897 consecutive games. Ah, he has become the youngest 30000.

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Once upon a time, magic had a man in the field October 12, 2020

McGrady, who was named Jordan’s successor, always reminds people of the Penny Hardaway. When Tracy McGrady transferred to magic to wear the No. 1 shirt, many people would think that there was a man in the magic field who called on the wind and rain.

But it’s a pity that McGrady not only inherited Hadaway’s style of playing, but also inherited his bad luck. Ling Feng was right in front of him, but he was damned. He once again destroyed a talented player. Because of the injury, McGrady was also unable to win the championship. Even if it was within a short distance between the Spurs and the champion, he still regretted to miss it. Maybe God had already done it for them A play written by genius.

It’s really a pity that they suddenly stopped because of their injuries. What’s more coincidental is that their shoes replace them to continue their own popularity. Even after retirement, their sponsors still sell different versions and green determination.

Continue to talk about their legendary career, although the flash of their career more miss the moment of brilliance, the clown’s name does not remember, but they have been insisting, this is the most valuable place, Tracy McGrady and hadawi, are two talented players I feel particularly sorry about. If there are no injuries, maybe they can bring more wonderful performance time for everyone in this league.

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The Suns reversed, ah, but there was a game in which it was very hard to play. Double overtime was the normal time to make a tie. Overtime time, the first overtime time to score the winning goal, ah, the whistle smashed to the suns.

Although the Lakers lost the series. I despise losing, but it’s Kobe’s brilliant performance. It’s a turning point in his life. Over the years, come on, in 2008, there are already Gasol’s Lakers. Ah, one by one looting deal with the Grizzlies, and everyone and his family are trading for the Lakers. The Celtic team in the east also formed three giants. That year, ah, there were a lot of events. The so-called Wild West, that is to say, you can observe and observe the relationship.

The 48 win Nuggets didn’t make it to the playoffs. Now, it’s unimaginable, ah, whether it’s the Nuggets or not. I’ve forgotten a little bit. For example, there’s a difference between the top two in the west, only the camera name and the eighth place. The team with the eighth place and the ninth place is 48-52-56, but the team has not made it to the playoffs. Ah, the competition in the west is very fierce. Kobe and Paul were in the same year.

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The first game between the Lakers and the Rockets October 9, 2020

Hello, welcome to see my article. Today, I’m talking about the first game between the Lakers and the Rockets. The two-man Lakers can’t do a bunch. The Rockets always say that they are hard to beat with two fists and four hands. That’s how the Lakers lost to the Rockets today. The Lakers only have James and Davis two effective weapons.

The Rockets have scored 36 points, led by harden. Wes Gordon took over at the end of the third quarter and the beginning of the fourth quarter respectively, and finally won 112-97. The whole passive Laker team also scored 83 points, while James and Davis added up.

Only 45 points, they had a helper Caruso, but they were trapped by too many fouls and failed to play the offensive influence as they did in the first half in the third quarter. In the last two minutes and 45 seconds of the fourth quarter, when Caruso returned to the court, the Lakers were 16 points behind and surrendered, James and Davis.

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130 points 130 points, the difference is 78 points, 89 points. How bad is the Laker team? I don’t think it’s too bad. I don’t think it’s too bad. It’s bad enough to play its own points. Today, it’s Lida’s super level play. This is how to use its own defense strategy. No, it’s no use. He’s supernatural today.

Lillard’s super spirit is basically uncontrollable. In 1516, I vaguely remember that there were ten pairs of warriors who won 73-10 in the 1516 season. In this season, Lillard exploded three points and lost 43. It’s all right. When 20 moves, it’s a super high level, and it’s also a 50 plus score.

I remember that’s right. But this team, ah, it’s Lillard’s kind of super level play. If it’s only 50 plus, you’re basically expensive. There’s no room for bargaining. But I didn’t say, but I didn’t say, but this team is the Laker team. This team, to sign well, is not good, three-point ball, ability, in the strong team is not considered weak, poor, it is in the league in the middle of what level, the west, eight East, eight you ranked 15th, that is, the playoffs countdown.

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