Defenders become strikers! The birth of a “two blade flow” on ice December 28, 2019

On his 29th birthday, Brendan Smith, a professional ice hockey player from Canada, felt that his time with the New York Rangers had come to an end – perhaps as well as his NHL career.

On February 8, 2018, the Rangers’ management officially announced to the fans that the team had been rebuilt, and Brendan was placed on the waivers list. Brendan was expected to be a full back in the first two teams, but his first full season in Rangers was a disaster. Brendan said of the past: “there was a problem with our team and it wasn’t good. I couldn’t find a direction. At that time, I thought the Rangers had given up on me.”

However, two years later, Brendan returned to the Rangers, he is now an indispensable part of the team. He’s reinvented himself – he’s playing mainly as a striker now and will fill the gap when he defends less and defends more. Being a “two blade” player allowed Brendan to win a new contract with Rangers and his ice hockey career back.

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