Eastern champion? September 11, 2020

That is to carry out the whole process. Ah, it can be used in the playoffs. Ah, it’s equivalent to this. If you imagine that Lopez, who plays in the playoffs and doubles, is combined with this kind of interior line combination of mirotich, how terrible two are there in the attack? High battery tank car with anti-aircraft guns standing on the surface of aliens. Waiting for the three-point chance, you have a lot of 3-by-78 three-point shooting rate. There are about 2.5 hits in the field. This is a fatal blow. In basketball, the theory is often called “no solution”. You have no restraint. Ah, unless you all attack the outside line, you attack the outside line and those structures are sung by letters.

Middleton, bradeso and others break through. If you don’t have a big team to defend, if you don’t have a big brother to negotiate with, at the same time, you should pull out your two inside players, ah, carry out containment. Then your, those are basically full of holes, which will be broken and projected by these players. A player kills, flies, the breakthrough of alphabet song, Middleton, and bradeso, which is not too thick, so there is no need to say. Ah, bradeso is also a player who is good at breaking through, and his physical quality is relatively good. The only disadvantage is that his height is too short, so your big brother is not. As like as two peas in the game, as like as two peas in the game, there is no height limit, no height difference, so the Bucks team is quite advanced and quite clear. Hit the back, encounter a strong team of this kind of probability, ah, can be forced to pull, Wuchen even if I, poor you, a little I can pull, 50%

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