For thunder, what he wants most is the first round draft November 21, 2020

Oh, for instance, the most important deal that Paul got from oklahore in 2022 is the order in which ray Nuo got his first round.

It’s not because the Bucks didn’t get Chris Paul that they retreated for the second place and chose horady. They’ve returned a lot of them. But you see, thunder’s chips may not be better than the Bucks’ chips. That’s right. In fact, this makes me very confused.

Because for thunder, what he wants most is the first round draft right, right? Chris Paul, only gave him one first round draft right, but he did bring three first round to the skin, plus the exchange right of two first round in the future, which is equivalent to four first round, so it is worth to four.

In fact, if the thunder can get a similar offer, I think the thunder will want it. It can only be said that the letter brother doesn’t like Paul. I think your speculation may not hold water, regardless of whether the letter brother likes Paul or not. I think that the suns and the Suns fans this next season will definitely want aspault Booker to enter.

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