Get control and we can get back to the net as soon as possible December 4, 2020

Marx knew that he wanted to be the head coach. In fact, within a week or two, he was his coach candidate. So I think in this respect, the management of the nets and himself are very, very confident about this job. In fact, we should also hope that this NBA or the epidemic situation in the United States.

However, if the epidemic situation can be controlled and we can return to the basketball court as soon as possible, I hope to see the coach’s voice at that time on the sidelines of the net next season. It’s true that I have been paying close attention to the opening information of the NBA last season. If the epidemic situation can be controlled and the fans can enter the court, I think you can go there.

This semester, our former brother who sold tickets, had Durant next season and was really very good-looking at that time. So when it comes to New York team changing coaches, it has to be mentioned that the basketball team in New York City is also the light of New York basketball, right? The New York Knicks and the Knicks team, in fact, I can’t count the past.

As for how many coaches have been changed over the years, basically there should have been at least two coaches last season. In fact, before the official end of this season, a new coach was changed, that is, siebodu, who had been in charge of the bulls and the Timberwolves.

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