Godala! Holy vote! July 27, 2020

We are more concerned about the thunder team, Paul’s trading direction, may do a second trade. Well, in my personal opinion, the discussion is a little early now. Ah, I don’t think it will be concluded soon. So, take a look. Besides, fortunately, there is no big difference between the transaction and the long time. It does not mean that urgent needs to be dealt with. It does not need to be dealt with in a short time. Yes.

It’s the same thing. It’s OK to have a look. The thunder team also needs to find a good home for the baby. The second one is more important and imminent. What will happen in the near future may also happen before February 1, that is, a wax problem will enter a big wave, so how. It is a player who can be cut off and accepted by some teams. Generally speaking, such a player is a high-quality asset in the league. With high-quality assets, you can pay a very low price to get $2.6 million, and the very low price can be changed to 500. 8 million to 10 million players with ability value bring great help to the championship team. The Grizzlies still want to reduce their team’s salary through trading. Then, the highest salary of the whole grizzly team is one. If it is broken, it is the most correct choice, other players and materials. Do you have, ah, the team needs it, right? The first and the second? Well, some of these players have dozens of fighting capacity and can be trained. In other words, you just have to remember your salary and salary, right? You still have to live, right? The ball still needs to be played by someone, right

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