He, the warriors, curry Thompson August 8, 2020

Durant has been here for three years. Ah, the resistance of six players has never changed for ten thousand years. So his lineup is very good and skilled. If you want to beat or defend this line-up, if he attacks, if you don’t have the ability of individual defense. Defense, tacit understanding. We say that attack needs tacit understanding and cooperation, and defense also needs tacit understanding and cooperation. If you don’t have a set of players, there is no four to five, five to six, a complete, one component, and a long defensive lineup for quite a long time. You, go, treat, warriors, you can’t defend this team at all. He, the warriors, curry Thompson, green, play the offensive routines together. The attack pattern is changeable. His attack way covers each other and covers each other. Running position is confusing. First, it’s confusing. Second, it’s deceptive. It’s not only confusing you, but also deceiving you. So, er, we said we should defend the warriors’ attacking style now.

From, routines, ah, this, ah, the infinite amplification of the team’s ability, ah, this, once the warriors, ah, it’s quite difficult, so it’s not dongla, a group of Greece, a group of three giants will be able to beat, warriors think it’s not like this, we should make a good in-depth study of it. Go deep and study the weakness of the Warriors team and the real weakness of the warriors

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