Heat Transfer May 13, 2020

Heat transfer printing is to print pattern patterns on heat-resistant offset paper, A technology for printing the pattern patterns of the ink layer onto the finished materials by heating and pressurizing. Even for the patterns of multiple colors, the transfer operation is only a process, so customers can shorten the printing pattern operation and reduce the material loss caused by printing errors. The multi-color patterns can be mapped at one time by using the heat transfer film printing, There is no need to color, simple equipment can also print patterns.

The heat transfer printing equipment is used to decorate aluminum shaped materials and various metal plates, which can achieve the effect of wood products or marble. The heat transfer printing equipment works according to the principle of heat sublimation. It can quickly transfer the required wood grain or marble grain to the powder coating surface of aluminum shaped materials in 3-5 minutes and can penetrate 40-60 microns inside the coating.

A variety of equipment products have more functions now, and now a variety of different equipment products are better recognized by the market

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