Hou’s family September 4, 2020

This kind of attitude, right? You put it on the stage of history. Well, netizens, why should I say ah, er, mention it? Because I think it’s very easy to write, and it’s very pertinent, he said. No matter what record of Kobe is not recorded, and whether Kobe is excellent or not, he is so great in my heart, that is, growing up with me is almost the same meaning. Growing up with me is a small fan of Hou’s family, or er, I think it is simply like basketball. It’s very respectable. It’s also an excellent fan representative. You can like any star player even if you like it, right? It’s your right, even if this group doesn’t play well. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you look ugly. As long as you don’t come out to make a mistake, this is an inappropriate example. An inappropriate example is that some fans come out every day to make mischief when their favorite stars are not good.

Well, it’s very unreasonable, so we need to read this message from this fan. It’s very good. Simple love of basketball. Simple love of Kobe can’t be any other star. He just loves Kobe. No problem. Very good. What do we say? Nonsense is mainly to lead to the following. It seems that this program doesn’t mention that we’re going to focus on the three points, the historical three point projection

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