How does the missile October 8, 2020

If you save 5 million dollars, you can save 5 million dollars a year. His contract is excellent. Ah, the contract of the text is really excellent. In terms of ability, compared with coffee, there is a little lack of help for the fire. Because his contract is small, 5 million minus the contribution he provided, the deal is not very bad, but for the integrity and completeness of the missile to this team’s team, it is burning video cards, because now, from the structure of the players, the structure of the team is not. That’s too big a problem.

The guard line is very rich, the front line is a little weak, and those are barely enough. But now there are problems after the front line is insufficient, so I don’t understand. How does the missile follow up on this transaction and whether it can make a second. Don’t trade. Ah, I feel vaguely that if there is, this deal must happen to Gordon. With Gordon’s high-quality contract and the saved us $5 million to exchange for the inner line hegemony, but I have a smile for the completeness of the lineup.

Iron on letter number. Iron on patches

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