If Anthony Davis is introduced August 11, 2020

This is not a crossing. It’s a fact. Driving, driving, thinking about action, action, thinking, Anthony Davis wants to form three giants and four giants, but other players, ah, will be implicated, so in this case. I don’t think it’s good to protect Owen once he leaves the Celtic team. I don’t think there’s any idea. If Anthony Davis is introduced, he won’t be competitive in the East, and there will be a lot of loss. Who is willing to follow him when he changes. Well, Anthony Davis, almost willing to change with you, ah, I don’t want to sign a contract with Jimmy Butler. He’s too rusty to pack up. Then what else does the Celtics have to compete for the eastern championship. Let’s talk about it. If we have the chance, we can go and see how the Celtic team has changed greatly this year. I really want to know how the mortgage has changed. Let me see how the Steven coach is. Ah, this is all-out.

The Celtics came back from the dead. Ah, last year, they played the eastern finals, the year before last, they played the eastern finals last year. The first round of this year’s finals was eliminated. Next year, how to deal with this tattered Celtic team with many problems? You know, there are only a few years. It’s only two or three years. Well, from such a peak team to the bottom, next year we’ll see how the Celtics operate this summer.

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