If his main purpose now is to save the cost of his salary November 26, 2020

If his main purpose now is to save the cost of his salary, his exchange, for two teams, can eat some long-term junk contracts, but the total value can not be higher than the annual salary of godala, and the salary is the same for the other party of the transaction.

Igordala, whose salary is due to rebuild the team, is actually the money of two garbage teams. In summary, the fans of these champion teams, the Laker fans, the Rockets fans, the Clippers fans, the 76ers fans and so on, must be unusual if they want to wait for an answer.

They are very patient, very patient and patient enough. These fans are looking forward to one. Dalla can have a healthy and complete season in the first half of the season. Before February 1, finding a good deal is the first. I can even say the Grizzlies in the new season. More than 90% of them may let igordala be the main starter, so whether the fact is the same as we expected, we will wait and see.

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