If the two towers are going to win the team November 21, 2020

In this section, Howard played the whole fourth quarter. I saw that he didn’t go down, and at the last moment, he repeatedly cut and protected the basket, twice rebounded and twice attacked, right? Give the Laker a life. If you lose, you lose in the Spurs and don’t beat the Lakers.

Yes, if the two towers are going to win the team, you have to make a change yourself first. Under the circumstances, the team is one big and four small. This is the correct understanding. It is not to say that the team wants to change from one big to four small. We repeat this point. We are in three programs. If you don’t have this understanding, you just don’t understand the ball of the Los Angeles team. His ability to protect the inside line by the twin towers is very urgent. At the beginning of the season, after playing one or two games, we said that the Lakers protect those eight or nine blocks per game. He is the blocking King team in the league.

Ah, how to protect the forbidden area? How can Nini’s outside players break through the inside to cause the other side’s complexity? The hinterland causes this, this, this kill, or simply easy layup. You don’t have this chance. If you want to beat the Lakers, you can go to Xiaoguo, but you need to have the ability of accurate shooting from the peripheral.

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