If this matter is true October 21, 2020

You need to see how many times he has shot, how many times he has played, how many times he has played, how many physical confrontations there are some players who go to play.

He is very relaxed. Ray, Anna’s one by one, the ball is by his own body, he is not such a player is to catch and shoot, ah, this big, no demand player, he is to embroider the ball in the hand and hold the ball in the hand, moreover, a large amount of muscle frog muscle hydriding sclerosis rumors.

It may also be that, after verifying the previous statement, the frequent rotation has to make people associate, so, ah, if this matter is true, then your current operation, your current management and your current response are all wrong. I will say so. Second, the clippers, if there are no players to introduce or replace or strengthen the lineup, then just rely on this lineup to play now is not enough time. Paul George and Leonard have too little time to play at the same time. I have always stressed that this is too little.

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