I’ll take a look at the Rockets August 21, 2020

High, error rate ah, this error rate is very high, some netizens want to say that the netizens estimate to guess whether we say high shot, fast pace, and so on, I tell you, ah, what is playing high income, ah, these two balls meet, one piece, ah, you say me, level 15, 15, I don’t believe that I will have a look tomorrow, right? Let’s have a look every day.

Forecast to see how many mistakes they can make, ah, yes, play fast, play fast, fast, and there will be problems like this and that will be accompanied by high numbers. Then, when we look at this conversion, we can see who has less mistakes, who plays this, how to change the attack and play well. Sneak attack, play well, fast attack, play well, just like this. Ah, rockets and warriors, we don’t talk about it. How about the first game? Ah, this is a test of warriors. I’ll take a look at the Rockets, can, hold on, a few rockets. Of course, we hope the Rockets can. The reaction is that we support the Rockets. No matter what kind of games we play, we support the Rockets. Ah, support the opposite of warriors, attack warriors, challenge, power. This is our personality.

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