In China, we were very impressed and played a very good pioneer November 27, 2020

What’s on the left? That’s to change Covington to this team immediately. In my opinion, the Blazers, but the biggest winner of all the deals we’re talking about today, basically the upgrade from Ariza to Covington is a comprehensive upgrade, and this bubble.

In the middle let us very impressive, play a very good pioneer, but even Ajiao didn’t go, but next season is basically with an upgraded version of Ariza, defense is more strengthened, hard shooting is more likely to play more positions and younger, which is basically in July this year.

On the basis of the trailblazers, a new level has been added. My God, now it seems that under the price of NBA today, it’s totally worthy of it. It’s true that the arrival of coventon really makes it possible for Alto to move to a higher level. After this transaction, the Blazers will be the top four in the west next season.

Later on, the Blazers won. Basically, they relied on the super firepower of two guns in the back court. But as I said in the previous program, the defense of the pioneers is to attack, guide, defend, and stab. Therefore, their victory is often in the same direction as ours.

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