In fact, it is still the original team! July 28, 2020

Because of Durant’s injury, this, this, the entire product plan has been broken, ah, the blue nets intercepted Hu ah, in fact, Durant and Owen joined the Brooklyn nets as the second choice. Ah, they didn’t plan for that. Their first choice must be New York. But New York, ah, because of Durant’s serious injury problem, played a retreat. Ah, in hesitation, ah, so they hesitated and hesitated. Well, I went there, but I didn’t see any regrets in New York. It means that they may think so. Durant’s injury is, er, an irreversible fact. Moreover, this product has a great impact on his career. They want to achieve. And Durant has Owen, these two players, plus the third key preparation, the revival is ready to get good results, the nets, he wants to make money, he wants to make fame, ah, he may not need to fight for a good result, so the two teams.

Well, the original intention of the building took place. The original intention of the two teams was different. So it developed into this. Instead, I said that there were quite a lot of Laker fans. There were a lot of netizens and friends who asked us questions. Let’s talk about how to make up for the team now. I said that it was more than 3000 in case of an instant. It’s late. It’s not astronomical. Well, 7788 is almost spent. That’s delaying you, Denny Green Park. It’s yesterday’s volume ratio contract, including today’s one. I remember it’s selling chicken. It seems that you have to rely on your mind and Rondo has signed up, right. I’m in a hurry. I’m not worried at all. These players, as you can see, from July 1 to July 6, these players are the Laker players. They have nothing to do with any team. In other words, they have signed.

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