Is football or basketball the first sport in the world? May 7, 2020

Basketball is not the first sport in the world at present, but there is hope to impact this position.

In fact, football is not a sport at all. It is a war in a peaceful era.

Football is a city, a region, a nation, or even a country. In the era of peace, the choice of “uniting people’s minds + forming a sense of collective identity + releasing violent emotions” is not made. Even in some countries, the influence of football has risen to the political and religious level, for example, the most typical one, Argentina.

So these two things are not the same thing at all. You can’t compare any single sport with football.

I’ll tell you that. I only take one single event in the field of football – the world cup, Compared with other sports events, in terms of influence and attention, a world cup of football is enough to complete the Olympic Games of “almost all sports have been covered, even the highest level game of football U23”. What’s the concept? You say to compare a pure competitive sports event with this bug, Do you think it’s fair? You should know that the world cup is only one of many events in the field of football, and it’s also a national Carnival event with the highest degree of attention and participation. It’s not the highest level football event. Unlike the Olympic Games, the Olympic Games of most sports basically represent the highest level of this sport.

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