It’s too hard to go back! September 5, 2020

I personally think that if we let hardenway and others go to Chen Jieli and LAD and others to take over Kuri another five years later, then the possibility that he will enter the 10th prehistoric calendar is very great. It is only because of the era’s three-point intersection. In the era of convergence, there are too many judges, too many media and too low level of reading professionals do not approve of it. We think back then. In the past few years, a lot of people thought that shooting was not winning the championship, and media experts and scholars were beaten in succession.

Ah, Curie’s first champion, the first fmvp that may be able to get the fmvp was actually rejected by zero votes. The full vote MVP of the next year was paid off, but there was no chance. So it proved that. Our thoughts and conjectures at that time, ah, in that period of time, the recognition of the source was quite low. The zero vote n B P zero jump f n V P proved all this conjecture. So long average 26 point athletes, right? Well, the absolute core of the team to win the championship can’t reach fmvp. There is no vote. On the contrary, the uncle James Cavaliers have four votes. The vote is too unreasonable. History owes Kuri an fmvp, which is an indisputable fact. In the second year, we also said that the championship and FTP were priceless. All the honors of the regular season were collected by the warriors.

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