James! Group three! Rumor rumor rumor! July 30, 2020

Anthony Davis was given up $4 million, some friends are not optimistic, the Lakers, the group three also don’t think Anthony Davis can give up $4 million, which I think is very dark side.

The team is going to win the championship and win the championship. Right, you can’t do without the three giants. In this era, it’s the era of group giants. In front of Dayi, four million dollars is my grandfather. We have emphasized it twice. Today is the third time. Let’s wait and see. It’s absolutely right. Just listen. We’re called the cobbler. We need to make sure that the hit rate is terrible. This time, the face is puffed up. Cry, have a good time, right? And then look down again. Ah, step by step, we look forward to the front. Today, there are media reports that measure morality will also contact the Los Angeles Clippers and the Raptors. After the opening of the free market, then. And then they said that the Lakers have lost their chance. Of course, I personally think that these sources, whether they are true or not, should not be ignored. But I believe that we will do something about it and make contact with each other. Moreover, it is already happening now. We don’t need to wait for the trading market to open.

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