Let’s choose an important game to talk about October 19, 2020

let’s choose an important game to talk about, is now in progress, the game on the Spurs captain teapot Team Challenge experience today Williamson appeared. Finally came back.

Ah, before that, it was the knee problem. I believe everyone already knew that I didn’t do the communication report. I mainly talked about the ball played for a quarter and a half. According to my understanding, I saw this. Ah, this was so.

The first show was so bland, and I didn’t see any way. It gave me an intuitive feeling of playing NBA. We don’t need to talk about Kobe, right?

Other pre-season games and so on. Mm-hmm, this College League, etc. I haven’t seen it. To be honest, I haven’t seen it. I don’t have any observation. I’ll talk about the matter through this game. I’ll talk about my personal feelings. I feel like this player.

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