Los Angeles twins keep suspense! July 29, 2020

Speaking of Lillard, Ma said that Lillard has successfully renewed his contract with the Blazers in four years, which is a huge sum of money, 190 million yuan in seven four years. But I didn’t get it wrong. In five years, 190 million, it’s normal. In four years, 190 million US, just discussed with you in the group, Lillard was full of blood and money, right? Well, you care about Lillard, and I believe you know him. He is a typical rich man. He never got the base salary. He never did. His final value in NBA may be in his future career. After playing, he will rush to the first three or two days in history after playing the last few seasons.

Besides, the highest salary ranking in history is Garnett. There is no saying about this. We always know that Garnett has a lot of money. The second is Kobe, ah, the third is Wang Jie. Anyway, James is also one of them. But James, who is not competitive, is also limited to being thin. In your company, XX, Dacheng, right? In recent years, when the wage cap tends to be stable after a big rise, these harden’s, ah, think that their wages will double. But you can see that Lillard is also among the same group of people. Among the same group of people, it is the leader. You can help him calculate if he wins. There’s always a lot of money for the 96 million Lida. Let’s go and have a look. We never stop the invisible rich. Let’s share it with you in the group. Lillard and harden are the same kind of people. They are one kind of people, but the form they show is different. Lillard and harden are different. There are money, money, money, money. This is Hassen’s. compared with Lillard, the characters of the two are different. They are hard pressed and have a strong sense of winning. In face, harden’s has no desire and no desire. Ah, he has no desire for the champion, right? He has no non? Partisan thought.

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