Magic Johnson also came out September 10, 2020

Anthony Davis couldn’t get them. He broke the hearts of these young players, which made the young players not know how to play now, such as playing well or not. Ah, a failed season. It was the Lakers who couldn’t play the postseason this year. A failed season can also be said to be a failed season for James. He didn’t control the team well. James has the ability to control the team. He didn’t do well in the Laker team. These stupid and stupid managers, the stupid coach, are definitely worried about their level and are worth their money. Er, the Magic Johnson also came out, Liping Wharton and so on. Three dimensional Wharton is, ah, Wharton, we are very supportive of her. How can we do it? Far back, when James was with the heat, it was just the beginning of a season. I didn’t play very well. In the first half of the way, I lost ten games and lost several layers of income. Maybe after playing 20 games, it would be enough to pull the victory back to 50%. At that time, many fans asked spo to leave school, but Patricia supported it.

I said that I would never come out. I would not be able to come out. I would never coach the heat live to thunder. So, Sibo’s return visit also brought back two championships and two runners up. What did patrelli do at that time? Let’s have a look at Magic Johnson. How to do this? Of course, there is still a gap between Wharton’s and spoe’s data. In 2006, erspo also assisted patelli to win the championship. He won the Mavericks’ Basketball Championship as an assistant coach. If I remember correctly, it should be assistant coach or analyst spo. Take a look at the 2006 finals

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