Mark Antony put it September 12, 2020

We’ve talked about 40% shooting rate and 50% shooting rate. There is no difference between the four kinds of stones and the five kinds of stones. The problem is that one more ball can be found anywhere. The key is to drive teammates to score. This is very important. Let’s take a look at Anthony. When did Mark Antony put it? Hick Butner said it was a story. We always felt that, ah, cluttered ah, he should play as a substitute, which was his right choice. Finally, cabella, together with Gordon II, harden, Paul ertak and announced that this should be a set of main line-up of the houvaliod river. Well, Gordon should play the substitute. This should be the right way for the Rockets to play in the playoffs. I can’t wait to see it. Er, it seems that Gordon’s starting efficiency is very low. The shooting rate of consecutive games is all the same.

If you don’t come back, ah, the problem won’t come because of the lack of the lineup. Right now, er, there are some new players introduced. Ah, Gordon still changes the main starting force. I think there is something wrong with this position. Ah, it is to verify what things are playing in the world. This is unknown. We can’t understand the operation of the master. Ah, of course, it must be for the sake of the team. Think about it again. Today, the warriors blazers

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