MLB warrior akunia reaches a single season 30 hits + 30 steals milestone January 18, 2020

Only four players in the history of 40 to 40 steal, Ronald acuna Jr., the star outfielder of the Atlanta warriors, can be proud to say that he is a member of the 30 to 30 steal club, and he is the second youngest member in the team.

In Friday’s Mets home game, after sliding into second base in the first half of the eighth inning and finishing the 30th steal of the season, little akunia officially announced that he joined the 30 steal club. He has made 36 home runs and 30 base steals this season. At 21, he is only a little older than Mike trout, the All-Star Chinese and foreign fielder of Los Angeles Angels in 2012, when he was only 20.

At the same time, akunia became the fourth player in the history of the Atlanta warriors to achieve this achievement. The previous players were Hank Aaron in 1963, Dale Murphy in 1983 and Ron Gant in 1990 and 1991. It took only 130 games to reach the goal, and it was the fastest of several. The original record was maintained by Gant (149 games). Looking across the league, the Cincinnati Redskins STAR ERIC Davis made it in 105 games in the 1987 season.

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