NBA news August 20, 2020

Players smart players basketball IQ players. Or if they want to, they can turn to, um, sports related to basketball, er, who is the anchor and commentator? You can listen to them. What’s more, I think it’s of great significance to learn from it. However, he can’t leave the industry. Well, if he leaves this industry, it’s the competition field. If he doesn’t update the information and study in time, it’s like this. Those who fall behind will be eliminated again. What about eating dry rice and eating old rice, fried cold rice, eating old money, people can’t do it, they can’t do it. Sooner or later, they will be eliminated, so we need to constantly update the anchor’s explanation of this kind of line.

Guest, what’s more important about this industry? In fact, I also answered the message from a netizen before, which can be regarded as the anchor’s explanation of the industry. Ah, this guest, this industry is actually basketball. Complicated things can be simplified for you to understand. Let me let you understand this thing. Ah, there are not many high-level people. It is rare, including these guests. The live broadcast reported in time is long and inconsistent. It is usually slapped in the face

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