New MVP eager to try! September 8, 2020

Talking about the current situation of the war, er, I personally think, ah, finally, there are more than ten games left. Ah, some teams have no desire. The West has already established the list of all the players in the playoffs. Before, when the Lakers lost three games in a row, well, we said that it was basically impossible, and then it could be said that there was no possibility. The Clippers Jazz also established. This kind of post-season seat of the Spurs looks like a king, a Timberwolves, ha ha, it’s just like running with us, right? You’re just like what we said. You’re not like a team like the playoffs. You don’t have this kind of inside information. You don’t have this kind of spirit.

Well, so the Western playoffs list has basically been established, 99.9% and 99% of the eastern part is in this local bar. Ah, there is the possibility of Zheng Yijian. So the heat now has the dominant advantage, the dominant advantage, so large area and large probability to enter the playoffs. Well, we have to say, East, whether it is the east or the west, 678 position, you have nothing to contend with. It can be said that the first round tour is basically the first round tour, except for the Spurs. Maybe the Spurs have so much suspense. If they really stay in the seventh position. Well, I think the Spurs play the Nuggets in half

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