NHL awards again! The cup team name was wrongly written as the city’s old enemy February 10, 2020

Every season, NHL will present the bill Masterton Memorial Trophy to the players in the active League, in recognition of the players who show excellent competitive character and love ice hockey.

In 2019, Chicago Blackhawks goalkeeper Robin Lehner won the Maarten Memorial Award. In this veteran who has been fighting in NHL for nearly ten years, his competitive character and fighting spirit have been well reflected. Before that, while playing for the New York Islanders, Lerner had encountered the problems of alcoholism and manic depression, but after overcoming the difficulties of his own off-site, Lerner made an important contribution to the team, ranking the second in the metropolitan area in terms of the saving rate and winning the Maarten Memorial Award.

However, NHL made a big mistake when it presented the award: mistakenly portraying Robin Lena’s team as the New York Rangers. He hasn’t played for the New York cavalry for a day in his career. And this kind of oolong is like giving the original Los Angeles clipper award to the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA, and the New York Mets award to the New York Yankees in the MLB. Although players are still excited when they win medals, it’s a bit absurd.

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